How to Design Glamorous and Intimate Interiors with Aubusson Rugs

Fashion Designer Bill Blass famously said “Style is primarily a matter of instinct.” Decorating a room is no different, but sometimes we are unsure about our instincts- after all we have not had the affirmations and accolades the late Mr. Blass received in a long and illustrious career. So for most of us a simple method is to start with the rug you like and then place it in the room and see what it does for the room. Take some time and see what ideas come to mind and select furniture and accessories and arrange theme to work with the rug’s design.

Aubusson rugs come in a variety of patterns, colors and designs, and they are a very good place to start you room design. The designs of Aubusson rugs guide you and help you hone your design instincts. Famous interior designers such as White House designer Michael S. Smith, David Easton, Bunny Williams and Albert Hadley have created fabulous rooms with Aubusson rugs. Take a look at how great designers have decorated with Aubusson rugs and this will give you inspiration for your own design.

1. Use Medallion Aubusson Rugs for a Cozy Seating Area

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1. Asmara’s Malmaison Aubusson rug’s round medallion guides the placement of furniture to creates an intimate seating area.

Many Aubusson rugs feature medallions, and those unique, circular designs in the rug have the specific quality of drawing the eye. The Malmaison Aubusson rug in the picture is an extra wide runner so the medallion is near the edge of the rug. The circular placement of upholstered chairs and a chest of drawers around the arc of the medallion instantly creates an inviting space.

Center medallions in larger rugs can be used in the same manner, but with furniture on a larger scale. The attraction and pull of the medallion creates a natural meeting place and you can let the design of the rug guide your design.

2. Create Harmony and Balance with an Aubusson Rug

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2. The Aubusson rug’s bold rectangular design balances the rounded shape of the room.

Just like the circular shape of an Aubusson rug’s medallion can draw people in; a rectangular motif in an Aubusson rug can help you balance a rounded room. The strong architectural lines of the neoclassical Aubusson rug in the above room brings definition to seating area and feels more satisfying because it provides a contrast to the rounded architecture of the room.

In this instance, instinct tells us that more round elements would be too much of the same; the rectangular pattern in the Aubusson rug anchors the room and the table, giving the table great prominence even against the attraction of the three French doors or the highly ornate ceiling. The boundaries created by the rug make the table the focal piece in the room, almost demanding notice and respect.

3. Make a Grand Room feel Intimate with an Aubusson Rug

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3. The combination of rounded and rectangular elements in the Aubusson rug helps create a grand meeting area in the official residence of the Prime Minister of France.

An Aubusson rug’s design can also highlight a room’s architecture while also keeping the proportions of the room from overwhelming everything else. In the fabulous Hotel de Goyon-Matigon, the official residence for France’s Prime Minister, the Aubusson rug shines in the golden tones in the sun-lit salon, but it does much more as well.

For one, the Aubusson rug’s unique design doesn’t let the beautiful architecture overpower the room.  The sharp angles of the room’s proportions and the three impressive French doors could easily make the space feel disorienting, but the soft curve of the Aubusson rug’s medallion does its part to soften the room. It also defines the ring of chairs around the table, creating a meeting area that a Prime Minister must find useful.

However, the rug’s design also highlights the three French doors, as the points and arc of the rugs design each point to the beautiful view of the doors that account for the golden sunshine in the salon.

First choose your Aubusson rug’s design, and then arrange and decorate the room around that design. With the basics mastered, you can trust your instinct to move on to more complicated designs.

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The Malmaison Needlepoint Rug haw a Neoclassical Aubusson pattern was inspired by the 18th century ceilings designed by Robert Adams. This rug is currently available only in wide runner sizes of 3’x10′ and 3’x12′ as shown in the room in image 1. .Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


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