How to Design Joyful Interiors with Orange Rugs

The celebrated architect Frank Lloyd Wright said, “Nature is the inspiration for all ornamentation.” That statement may bring to mind the verdant greens of gardens, the blues of the sky and sea, but orange is a color that nature uses only when it wants to make a dramatic statement. Orange rugs are a great way to bring the joyful energy and dramatic moods of nature to an interior, and we will explore how the different shades of orange rugs can be used to bring the invigorating energy and exciting moods of nature to the home.

Orange has roots in various flowers, fruits, spices and, of course, the stunning shades that adorn the trees in autumn or inspire awe amongst the clouds during a sunset. Each different tint, hue or shade of orange can be found in orange rugs, and each imparts its own energy to a room. If you want to find a new way to let nature inspire your rooms and their designs, then study how the top designers of the day have manipulated the shades and tints of orange rugs to inspire a room’s design.

Use Orange Rugs With the Mellow Tones of Peach and Apricot

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An orange rug inspired by the light colors of peaches and apricots creates a calming aura.

Orange can be an intense color, but many natural oranges are also soft and delicate. The lighter side of orange, such as peach and apricot, recall the blushes of pink. In the library, the large rug has an expansive block of light apricot that adds a touch of sweet whimsy to the room.

Find Orange Rugs Inspired by Autumn’s Flame

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The zesty colors of fall are in the orange rug, adding drama to the room. Interior design by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard. Image courtesy Martyn Lawrence-Bullard.

Orange rugs can also embody the fiery oranges of fall foliage, adding the drama and flair of the changing seasons to your room. Designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard used an intense orange rug in the living room, adding a zest that brings life into the room.

Utilize Harvest Hues in Orange Rugs

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The mellow, harvest colors of the orange rug and the room create a welcoming feeling. Image courtesy David Easton, Inc.

Autumn isn’t all flame and drama for orange; it is also a time of ripening and golden-orange hues. An orange rug in harvest colors feels rich and inviting. The living room created by interior designer David Easton looks inspired by ripened wheat and golden corn silk. The understated oranges of the rug, furniture and other decor make the room feel warm and inviting.

Try Spicy Orange Rugs

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The vibrant colors of the orange rug immediately draw the eye. Interior design by Steven Sclaroff. Image courtesy Steven Sclaroff.

Orange rugs can also recall fragrant spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, adding zest to the aura of any room. The spunky orange in the rug of designers Kate and Andy Spade’s living room demand attention and adds drama to the room; additions like the blue pillows and turquoise accents make the rug pop even more.

Use Tangerine Orange Rugs

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The beautiful tangerine of the orange rug brightens the whole room. Image courtesy Garrison Hullinger Interior Design.

Orange rugs can also add the freshness of citrus fruits to a room. In the sitting room created by designer Garrison Hullinger, the tangerine orange in the rug looks fresh and chic, and the intense color—almost like a blood orange—of the chair step it up a notch.

Orange rugs come in all colors of nature. You can find the light colors of fruits like grapefruit or the blush of peaches, the vibrancy of a sunset or the hot colors of peppers and spices. If nature is to be the inspiration for your room, try the shades and tints of orange!

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