How to Design Stunning Interiors with Orange Rugs: 3 Chic Looks

The celebrated decorator Miles Redd was of the opinion that, “Juxtaposition: high/low; shiny/matte; modern/ancient; grand/humble; refined/crude…is the essence of chic.” A simple way to realize Redd’s formula for a chic room is the use of orange rugs that have black accents; the effect is hip and stylish every time.

You might be protesting that black and orange rugs will create a Halloween nightmare, but the combination of the two colors should follow the details of the principle: the two should be opposites in some way. So, for instance, if the black is heavy and deep, then the orange should be light and pale.

Look for the juxtaposition employed by designers to see the different methods that can be used to create a chic space. That way, your room can achieve that effortless fashionable look when black and orange rugs are used, but without recalling the garish colors of Halloween!

Muted Orange Rugs Create a Sophisticated Atmosphere

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Muted orange rugs with black help you create a sophisticated, chic look.

Black and orange rugs can create an upscale chic look that exudes luxury and fashion. The black and orange rug in the seating area sets the tone for the entire space. Redd’s juxtaposition rule is followed as the black in the rug is bold and striking while the orange is more subtly used as an accent. It creates a connection with the golden oranges in the settee, allowing the shiny coral fabric furniture to stand out against the matte black. The wall covering adds layering with its muted coral and grayish greens and the painting of a woman seated by a window creates a feeling of depth. This seating area is a masterpiece of composition that rewards close study of how all the details work so beautifully together.

Design a Modern and Colorful Room with Bright Orange Rug

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The orange in this rug is the dominant color, with the black acting as an accent. It creates a playful, artistic vibe that is young and fresh.

Orange rugs with touches of black, such as in the colorful living room, create a different vibe altogether. The bright oranges and yellows in the rug have the strength to ground the vivid yellow drapes and and gray walls. The vivid blue accents in the room create pop. The small amounts of black in the rug are enough to resonate with the dark gray walls.

Soft Orange Rugs with Bluish Black Accents Unify an Antique Filled Room

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Dallas designer Cathy Kincaid used an antique rug with coral and faded bluish black to pull together patterned fabrics and antique furniture. Image courtesy Cathy Kincaid.

Orange rugs that have a soft or pink-tinged orange work well with the colors of antique wood furniture. The rug chosen for the living room by interior decorator Cathy Kincaid utilizes large amounts of a coral orange which creates a chic and sophisticated atmosphere. The faded bluish black accent colors in the rug create the chic juxtaposition mentioned by Redd. The soft orange of the rug is mirrored by the light accents of intense red in the room while the black in the rug is echoed in the other dark colors in the room.

Orange rugs with black accent colors make it easy to create a chic look; using Miles Redd’s juxtaposition rules help to get the spot-on combination of the two colors so that one doesn’t overpower the other. Higher amounts of black can be combined with muted orange accents; or large amounts of orange with black accents also work for a variety of chic vibes. Experimenting with different levels of color—or even the tint or shade of orange will make the design stand out.

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