How to Design Stunning Rooms with Oushak Rugs

Fashion legend Bill Blass once said “Style is primarily a matter of instinct.” These words encourage us trust our instincts whether we are designing a cozy den or a stately living room. If you are looking for great ideas for decorating with Oushak rugs, a great place to start is Southern California interior designer Eric Guenther’s tips on decorating with Oushak rugs. Then take Bill Blass’ advice and follow your instincts. To stir up your imagination, view the following rooms and see how famous decorators have used Oushak rugs to design stunning rooms.

Learn How Design Icon John Saladino Designed a Cozy Den

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Soft textures and a warm color palate based on an Oushak rug forms the basis of John Saladino’s timeless family room with coral and orange derived from the Oushak rug. Image courtesy John Saladino.

The over sized Oushak rug creates a soft base both in texture and color for this exposed brick den. The orange and pinks in the armchair and pillow textures draw out the coral of the Oushak rug. The formality of the rug is offset by an eclectic collection of trunks, lamps and mirrors, making the room comfortable for everyday use.

2.     Create a Conversation Area in Open Plan Rooms

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Define intimate areas in an open floor plan room with Oushak rugs.

Open floor plans can pose a challenge in creating more intimate conversation spaces. This bold orange Oushak rug transitions well from the hardwood floor yet offsets the seating area to create the illusion of a separate space within the larger room. Notice how the matching of the bright floral prints to an equally strong rug color ties the pieces together. Having all feet of the sofa and armchair further establishes the cohesiveness of this conversation area.

3. Add Warmth to a Contemporary Dining Room

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A pale Oushak rug adds warmth to a modern organic inspired dining room. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

This abstract pattern and richly textured Oushak rug creates the perfect base to support the ceiling and wall murals in this room. The charcoal grey shading of the rug match the organic design of the flowering cherry tree branches on the wall and ceiling. And the lack of a uniform pattern keeps the modern dining furniture from looking too formal. A neutral base like this rug will also allow for periodic style updates in this room, especially experiments with another color palate.

4.     Create a Bright and Airy Living Room

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Interior designer Melanie Elston painted the walls green to give this room a fresh feeling while the coral tones in the Oushak rug adds warmth and elegance. Image courtesy Melanie Elston.

The traditional design of this Oushak rug brings structure and articulation to this living room space that opens to the music room. The bright coral and pale blues of the rug serve as a perfect contrast to the light lime walls and connect with the coral armchair. The intricate but subtle design of the Oushak rug adds interest to the solid textiles in the rest of the space. Confining the pattern only to the rug lets the eye sweep through the room effortlessly.

Oushak rugs come in a wide range of colors and patterns. Choose one that appeals to you and let your instincts guide you in creating the room of your dreams. Try a few experiments and see what looks good and then build on it as inspiration comes to you. Do not be in a rush and don’t try to create a perfect room. Instinct will come to you when you are not trying to rush the process and when you let go of perfectionism.

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