How to Design Stylish and Captivating Rooms with Green Rugs: 5 Tips

Green rugs and rugs with green accent colors are the easiest to decorate with since green goes with every color of the rainbow. If you need proof of this statement, just look at any flower and regardless of whether is is yellow, red, purple or blue it is always supported by green leaves. Of course there are an infinite number of shades of green in nature and this is how nature makes sure it pairs just the right shade of green to go with a particular shade of yellow or an orange. While nature is the greatest teacher, we can learn how to apply nature’s decorating wisdom to interiors by looking at rooms designed by talented interior designers. The interior designers featured in today’s psot show us numerous ways to decorate with green rugs in captivating ways. After perusing these rooms, green rugs will be an option you will not want to pass over! 

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1. Legendary designer Billy Baldwin created a warm and mysterious living room by drawing on the dark green accents in a neutral oriental rug. Image: Pinterest Green Rugs Decorating.

1. Build a Warm and Mysterious Room on the Green Accents in a Rug

“There is magic … in the deep-jewel-colored room, warm and mysterious, where you discover its many beauties as you sit, seduced slowly,” said Billy Baldwin, designer of this majestic living room. Baldwin built the room on the dark green accents in the neutral colored Oriental rug. Very dark shades of green fill the room. Consequently, the details which so often get overlooked are brought to the forefront. The taper candles find themselves in a featured position by the thin framed mirror, which receives the same attention as the candles. Because there is so much dark green in the room, Baldwin chose an oriental rug with large amounts of neutral colors so the drama of the green walls and green upholstery can come out.

2. Add Magic to Contemporary Rooms with Geometric Green Rugs

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2. A green rug with many shades of green in Nina Yashar’s Milan home. Image courtesy Casa Vogue.

Nina Yashar, owner of Milan’s premier decorative rug showroom Nilufar, chose a green rug with a geometric pattern in yellow-green and blue-green to bring magic and color to her contemporary living room which has a mix of mid-century modern, abstract and classical elements. Surrounded by other gradient colors containing equal variety in shading, the green rug fits perfectly in the space. The designer added interest by using many shades of green, brown and grey in the room. The designer did not feel compelled to use green anywhere else in the room. This makes the green rug pop against the polished brown floor and the brown walls. All of the other colors in the room are neutral colors: browns, black, and grays which brings out the beauty of the green rug.

3. Create a Calming Contemporary Haven with Many Shades of Green on a Green Rug

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3. Interior designer Geoffrey de Sousa chose a blue-green rug to pull together several shades of yellow-greens in this contemporary living room. Image courtesy Geoffrey De Sousa

This room has a wonderful symphony of several shades of green from the blue-green rug to yellow-green walls, drapes and sofa. A purple upholstered chair and and a yellow stool introduce the only other colors in this highly edited room. These colors are juxtaposed with neutrals- gray, black and white. The brown wood floor adds warmth. Soft textures and muted colors invites you in to cuddle up in front of the fire with a captivating book and a steaming cup of tea.

4. Easily Change the Decor of Living Room by Decorating with a Flexible Green Rug

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If the green rug as this Bamboo Needlepoint Rug contains both blue-greens and yellow-greens balanced by a warm color such as yellow, then you can easily bring in vibrant colors such as fuchsia and orange. Green side tables, green floor lamp, white table lamps and Marimekko pillows with yellow, orange, red and purple flowers creates a very cheerful summery look. Learn how you can easily change the decor of this room for the fall by changing a few small accessories. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

If you like vibrant color and also like to have the flexibility of being able to easily change the look of your living room in the summer and winter, you can achieve this by anchoring the room around a green rug that has both blue-greens and yellow-greens as well as yellow. The wide range of greens will make the rug go with almost any color of the rainbow and the yellow accents in the green rug will allow you to introduce warm colors. Because this type of green rug is very flexible, you can easily change the decor by changing a few accessories or fabrics in the room as explained in a recent blog post.


5. Easily Mix Modern and Traditional Elements on a Green Rug

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This green rug with meandering corals in yellow-green and blue-green makes it easy to unify modern and traditional elements in this calming and elegant dining room. The coral trellis pattern of the green rug is resonates with the sculptural base of the dining table. The grainy needlepoint texture of the green rug brings creates a pleasing contrast with glass top the dining table.

If you would like to design a room that has an elegant mix of modern and traditional elements, then choose a green rug that has a pattern that combines both traditional and modern elements for example a traditional pattern in contemporary colors as in the green needlepoint rug in the dining room design scheme above. A green rug that combines traditional and contemporary elements will be welcoming to both traditional and contemporary furniture. 


After enjoying the artistic masterpieces above, feel encouraged to bring the natural green hues to your room. Whether you’re looking for a calming room, mystery, invigorating energy or design flexibility, there is a perfect green rug that will help you fulfill your goal.



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