How to Design Stylish Zen-Like Spaces with Green Rugs

If you’re trying to create a Zen-inspired space with green rugs, you couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate rug color to do so. When creating rooms with Zen design, you should look for neutral, soft colors that inspire a sense of calm.

It’s critically important that we create rooms of refuge in our homes. Our homes are supposed to be oases from the outside world, but even the most joyous homes can get hectic on the inside, especially those filled with large families. If that accurately describes your house, set aside one room for yourself. Green rugs, light fabrics and gorgeous textures laid out in your own private “you” space can help you create the tiny bit of paradise you crave. Vivienne Westwood said, “Buy less, choose well.” Keep that in mind, as it will help you keep your space beautiful and spare.

Design a Stylish Sanctuary by Pairing Green Rugs With Natural Elements

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The Como FG green damask rug sets the moode in this Zen room with gray walls and nautrual materials. Interior design and Photo by Koch Studio. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

This beautiful scene perfectly illustrates some of the elements necessary to create Zen spaces with green rugs. Green rugs like this one have soft tones that aren’t jarring, but instead peaceful. Pale, muted shades like these help form an oasis separated from the outside world. Their power comes from their ability to soothe. Green rugs with soft textures like this one take the power to soothe to a whole new level. Try and choose rugs that have soft, natural fibers that are a joy to run your toes through.

Soft, green rugs become even more beautiful when paired with natural materials. In this room, a table made from a sawed-off tree trunk topped off with reclaimed wood gives off a natural and beautiful vibe that seems tailor made for the space. The rich color of natural wood blends with green rugs with tones that seem to have been ripped from nature. The green rug here is like a peaceful meadow. The copper wall art adds in another stunning layer of texture into the room. The metal wall art and the wood are more examples of what it takes to build a Zen-like space; harmony should always be the end result. The interplay of textures is melodious, no single element overpowering the other.

Mary McDonald’s Creates a Gracious Living Room with a Green Rug

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Zen-like living room designed by Mary McDonald featuring a delicately patterned green rug topped off with exquisite design elements. Image courtesy Mary McDonald.

Mary McDonald’s icy hot design style is duly suited for a Zen-influenced interior design style.  She possesses classical and prismatic sensibilities that merge together flawlessly to create rooms that can be both calming and colorful at the same time. The world-famous interior designer, author and Bravo TV star has spun timeless interiors for A-listers and 5-star hotels, and she does so in a way that makes it seem effortless.

Green rugs fit seamlessly into McDonald’s spaces. This particular room is filled with Zen-like colors, including soft green, cream and dark brown. Plants bring a breath of life into the space, while you get to enjoy a peek of red, considered a lucky color, on the walls in the next room. The wood details like the glass-front cabinet and the Chinese nesting tables balance out the color in the room, grounding the airier pieces. Green accent pillows continue the green monochromatic theme, while the grey accent pillows seem almost related to the grey-mauve walls. The green candles rest upon the glass-top table, ready for lighting.

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