How to Design Tranquil Interiors with Blue Rugs

Blue is a striking color, prized by interior designers and artisans for its ability to evoke a mood of tranquility, loyalty and peace. This translates well into a variety of interior spaces, from bedrooms to offices, and often the cornerstone of favorite blue rooms is the use of high-quality blue rugs.

Blue Rugs for a Restful Bedroom

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Because the color blue is so widely regarded for its calm, relaxing properties, it should come as no surprise that blue rugs are a very popular choice for bedroom decorating projects.

For example, this guest room by Dallas-based Cathy Kincaid uses a blue geometric rug as the foundation for a typical Kincaid interior where color drives the design.
The calm color scheme, paired with luxurious white linen provides a welcoming, quiet space for guests weary from their travels.


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The blue tones of this Oushak rug, used to frame another peaceful bedchamber by Michael S Smith, provide a soothing pool of accents the designer has used throughout the space, from the linens to the drapery.

Inviting Open Plan Rooms with Blue Rugs

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Interior design by Judd Brown Designs. Image courtesy

The true beauty of blue rugs is their ability to anchor a space without over formalizing the feel of the room. This grand room put together by Judd Brown Designs showcases the calm power of blue rugs – here the rug elevates the space from merely open and airy to welcoming and reflective.

Blue Rugs Open Our Imagination and Productivity

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By contrast, this library showcases a navy oriental rug before a classic black marble fireplace, the rich tones of the interior, while still relaxing, remind visitors that they’re truly in a remarkable space while visiting Biltmore House, America’s largest privately-owned home.


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This room, designed by David Mlinaric and Hugh Henry, is part of a Tuscan castle featured in Architecture Digest. You can see how the 19th-century wall covering’s vertical stripes extend down the walls, and lead to the calming blue rug – a foundation for productive discussion around the Louis XVI-style mahogany desk.

An often-overlooked property of blue rugs is the subtle increase in productivity that occurs in a blue room. Perhaps this is due to the serene vibe the room gives off, or maybe it is just easier for people to work and their creativity to have free reign when their blood pressure is lowered a little by the subtle presence of broad swathes of blue, but many studies have shown blue is a great color for bolstering the imagination and increasing productivity.

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Similarly, this blue geometric rug does double duty inspiring both productive study at the custom-designed desk and directional lift to the library walls in the Mercer Island home of Jeff and Laura Sanderson. The home, featured in Elle Décor magazine, showcases a number of amazing pieces from JF Chen, including the lamps and globe seen in this image of the library.

Bet on Blue

Whether you’re trying to provide a subtle emotional queue or simply a classic accent, choosing blue rugs for your next interior project is a solid way to ensure everything falls into place in the most peaceful way possible.


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