How to Enhance an Ordinary Room with Oushak Rugs

In the world of interiors, there are many signature pieces designers can choose from to frame the blank canvas of a room they are starting to work on, but few impart such an air of distinction as a fine Oushak rug. Particularly when you’re looking to add new life to a large space, define specific areas or impart an air of sophistication to a seemingly simple room, an Oushak rug provides the framework award-winning designers seek around the world.

Oushak Rugs as a Beautiful Foundation

Albert Hadley, one of America’s most famed interior designers, made his design philosophy very clear when he said, “Decorating is not about creating stage sets, it’s not about making pretty pictures for the magazines; it’s really about creating a quality of life, a beauty that nourishes the soul.” This beauty is evident in all carefully crafted Oushak rugs – and makes them a solid choice for framing beautiful spaces. You’ve just got to ask yourself, what is it that nourishes your soul?

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Perhaps it’s warm light. Timothy Corrigan designed the room above, as featured in Architectural Digest, to showcase an Oushak rug as the foundation for an eclectic assembly of modern art, ancient artifacts and functional furnishings. The natural light and warm wood paneled walls are accentuated by the rug’s soft coral, vibrant gold and muted blue hues.

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Or maybe your soul thrives on dramatic contrast. Oushak rugs have a clear place in a more opulent setting, as shown here by Bunny Williams.

The rich red and gold tones of this Oushak rug provide added drama and elegance to the gold-tones in the sofa and the gold and blue screen, as well as the accent pieces on the table.

Elevating Ordinary Areas with Oushak Rugs

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The versatility of Oushak rugs is another reason top designers return to using them again and again in stunning home interiors. Perhaps your soul needs to be nourished more literally. Consider this elegant dining room by Ryan Street and Associates featuring a pale grey Oushak rug to soften the modern lines.

The space created here is open, airy and welcoming without becoming frivolous, making the room an excellent venue for both formal and casual dinners with friends, family or work colleagues.

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Similarly, the blue, ivory, and gold tones of the Oushak rug featured in this room packed with white and blue accents makes for a unified presentation and clean, comfortable soul-inspiring space.

This is owing to the soft, hand-made texture of fine Oushak rugs as well as the varied color palette and intricate details from which designers can draw their accent colors and materials.

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