How to Give Traditional Rooms a Young Vibe with Pastel Oushak Rugs

Leading interior designers are using soft colored Oushak rugs to give rooms decorated with traditional furniture and antique a youthful vibe.  Pastel Oushak rugs bring a contemporary energy to a room even though the patterns of Oushak rugs go back hundreds of years. To understand why soft colored Oushak rugs have become so desirable, read this quote by AD100 interior decorator Miles Redd which was published in a blog post last week: “Juxtaposition: high/ low; shiny/matte; refined/crude; grand/humble; modern/ancient. It is the essence of chic.” The best pastel Oushak rugs are an artful combination of modern and antique elements- their soft, tonal colors are modern, while their patterns are antique.  Such Oushak rugs are, to  borrow Redd’s phrase, “the essence of chic”. These Oushak rugs can perform multiple functions- they make modern rooms feel warm and sophisticated and they give traditional rooms a modern and youthful vibe. The antique patterns of Oushak rugs resonate with antique furniture, but their modern colorations give them a contemporary look. The best way to learn how to decorate with pastel Oushak rug and antiques is to carefully study interiors by great interior designers. We will learn from five beautiful interiors with Oushak rugs.

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1. The designer has done several things to give this dining room a clean and modern look even though it is filled entirely with antique and traditional furniture. The most important factor is the use of tonal colors throughout the room. The second key factor is the choice of an Oushak rug that contains all the soft colors used in the room- grey, cream, beige and gold. This wide range of colors in the Oushak rug allow the rug to pull together all the elements in the room. Just as the Oushak rug begins to look modern through the use of tonal colors so do the traditional dining chairs which are upholstered in a grey fabric. The scenic wall panel is also in tones of grey. The third key factor is using just one color to create pop- the coral of the drapes. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

The interior design is by Amelia T. Handegan. The antique dining table was once used by Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and J.E.B. Stuart. The hand-blocked scenic wall panel is Dufour et Leroy’s circa-1822 and depicts Vesuvius. The Regency sideboard is an antique. The dining chairs were custom made.

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2. The kitchen of the same house also has a clean and modern look which has been created by using tonal colors throughout the room and then anchoring all the elements of the room with an Oushak rug that contains all the tonal colors in the room- beige, gold, grey and cream. The dark brown wood tones of the floor, kitchen table and breakfast table add warm contrast. White cabinets, fireplace and ceiling and pale yellow walls give the room a sunny quality. The tole chandelier is an antique and the breakfast table is English. The interior designer is Amelia T. Handegan. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

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3. A pale Oushak rug with cream, beige, tan and gold was chosen to pull together all the colors of this living room. There is a wonderful interplay of shapes between the circular outline of the sofa’s, the armchairs and the ottoman. Two Chinoiserie wall panels provide intricate pattern and take the eye upwards. Blue silk drapes balance the warm tan and gold upholstery. The textured fabric on the armchairs contrasts with the smooth fabric on the sofa and the silky drapery fabric. There is a contrast of materials as well-bamboo frames of the Chinoiserie panels contrast with metallic gold finish on the legs of the stool that is partially visible on the right. Interior design by Patricia McLean Interiors Inc. for the Atlanta Symphony Associates Decorators’ Show House & Gardens.  Image courtesy Pinterest: Decorating with Oushak Rugs.


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4. This living room feels entirely traditional. The reason why this room looks so traditional is because it does not have a tonal coloration. A tonal coloration is what makes a traditional room look modern. All the elements in the room have distinct patterns and there are a wide range of colors on the sofa, chairs, drapery and Oushak rug. The cream and gold Oushak rug has distinctly colored pattern which is definitely not tonal and the same is true for the patterned fabrics.  Image courtesy Pinterest: Decorating with Oushak Rugs.

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5. This room is not as traditional as the room in image 4, but nor does it have the modern vibe of the rooms in images 1 and 2. Even though the Oushak rug has a tonal coloration, the rest of the room does not. The drapes have a distinct pattern and there are a number of different colors used in this room. Image courtesy Pinterest: Decorating with Oushak Rugs.

The five rooms show that we can modulate how traditional or modern we want a room to look by the use of color. A room in which all the color are tonal will look modern even though the furniture is traditional and the rug has a traditional pattern. You can use just one vibrant color such as the coral drapes in image 1 and the room will still look modern. But as soon as you introduce more colors and distinctly colored patterns the room begins to look traditional. But there is a way to use color and pattern to give rooms a youthful vibe and this will be covered in an upcoming blog post.

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