How to Give Young Vibe to Traditional Rooms with Blue and White Rugs

Perhaps the most stunning living room in New York’s 2013 Kips Bay Show House is a room that despite its impeccable traditional furniture and magnificent blue and white rug has an amazingly young vibe and fresh energy. The Interior design is by an AD100 mother and daughter team of Mariette Himes Gomez and Brooke Gomez. This spectacular living room offers a great way to learn the 4 Tips For Giving a Young Vibe to Traditional Rooms with a Blue and White Rug.

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1. A Neoclassical marble fireplace contrast with the Chinese scroll pattern of the blue and white rug. At the same time the Greek key border of the blue and white rug connects with the Neoclassical design of the fireplace. Interior design by

The key to adding a young energy to any room lies in mixing very different styles as expressed in a favorite saying by Miles Redd “Juxtaposition: high/ low; shiny/matte; refined/crude; grand/humble; modern/ancient. It is the essence of chic.” Mariette Himes Gomez’s Kips Bay living room exemplifies these juxtapositions and this is why the living room is so fresh and fashionable.

 4 Tips For Giving a Young Vibe to Traditional Rooms with a Blue and White Rug.

1. Choose a Blue and White Rug that Combines Classic Pattern and Modern Color

Mariette Himes Gomez’s chose a blue and white rug with a classical pattern of Chinese scrolls and Greek key border in a pale blue and white coloration that has a modern feeling. The combination of the classical pattern and modern blue and white coloration is what makes this rug and the room interesting. If the pattern of the blue and white rug had been contemporary it would not have created a chic room.

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2. The walls and most of the upholstery is in neutral cream and white. Pop is created with a warm red. Blue and aqua pillows resonate with the blue in the blue and white rug.

2. Edit the Color Palette of the Room to Neutrals Plus Two Colors

Gomez Associates covered most of the upholstery with a neutral cream and created pop with just one color, a warm red, on the armchairs. The blue tones in the rug are picked up with blue and aqua pillows. If the room had more than two colors, it would have lost the clean and young vibe.

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The second-floor drawing room, by mother-daughter team Mariette and Brooke Gomez, features a Joseph Raffael watercolor and what Mariette calls “a United Nations of furniture,” including English and French pieces.

3. Add Energy By Mixing Different Decorating Styles and Shapes

Mariette Himes Gomez brought energy to the living room by mixing French and English pieces, describing it as “a United Nations of furniture.” There is also an interplay of rounded and rectangular shapes in the chairs, sofas, ottoman/coffee table, demilune table and mirrors. There is also the contrasting mix of a Neoclassical marble fireplace. If the furniture and the rug had been of the same style, the room would have looked boring and the eye would not focus on anything as everything would have blended together.

4. Add Energy by Art in a Contrasting Style

Mariette Himes Gomez chose a contemporary watercolor by Joseph Raffael which brings contrast to the traditional shapes of the furniture and the classical pattern of the blue and white rug.  By adding contrast with modern art the eye notices the art as well as the beautiful shapes of the furniture, the lamps, the ceiling molding and the drapes. In fact the entire room comes alive because of the mix of styles, shapes, textures and the limited color palette.



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