How to Glam Your Décor with a Colorful Rug and Stay on Budget: 5 Tips

It is easy to go over the decorating budget unless you take a strategic approach: Limit yourself to just one splurge on a must have statement piece, such as a chic colorful rug, and then save and also heighten the drama by choosing neutral furniture in sculptural shapes. Today’s 6 decorating tips show how the right colorful rug makes it easy to stay on budget and enrich the decor at the same time.

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This colorful rug makes the living room look chic and feel cheerful. Neutral furniture allows the colorful rug to star and curved shapes resonate with the motifs in this needlepoint rug. Image © Asmara, Inc.

Interior designers know how easy it is to go over the budget. No matter how diligent you are about expenses, there are always pieces that call out to you, and often they cost more than you had anticipated. So, how can you save when taking on a new interior design project?  The answer is to limit yourself to splurging on just one piece, something you truly can’t live without, and use it to make a big design statement. This piece should provide everything the room needs…color, texture, pattern and above all the right feeling tone.

6 tips for decorating with a colorful rug and staying on budget:

1.    Choose a colorful rug that makes a statement and sets the feeling tone you desire

I wanted the living room to look chic and feel cheerful. So I found a colorful rug that brings both qualities to my living room design. The rug, Under Sea Mosaics, is a nubby textured needlepoint rug with an ancient pattern derived from 4th century Roman mosaics found in North Africa. This colorful rug makes a room feel cheerful with sunny yellows, vibrant greens, crisp blues and warm corals. These colors open up endless possibilities for selecting fabrics, wall colors and accessories. While today’s design scheme is for a living room this colorful rug would cheer up a dining room or energize a sun room.

2.    Allow the colorful rug to be the star by supporting it with neutral furniture

I chose furniture that is simple yet classic. Neutral furniture is flexible- it allows you to easily freshen up the look by changing a few accessories. And if the mood strikes, you can make a quick change by just painting the walls a different color! The neutral pieces feel welcoming and airy and above all they allow the colorful rug to be the star. So neutral furniture elevates the design and helps you stay on budget.

3.     Heighten interest with interesting shapes that resonates with the colorful rug

When searching for furniture and accessories try to find pieces that have sculptural shapes that resonate with motifs in the colorful rug. In this way you enrich the look by bringing additional layers of design interest. Such pieces need not cost more, you just have to look with this plan in mind until you find the right pieces.

4.    Heighten the drama and create eye movement with pops of color

I chose to focus on the coral, red, blue and butter yellow shades in the colorful rug and created pops with pillows in these colors. Colorful pillows are an economical way of adding zest to this design.

5.    Intensify layering by mixing different textures

The colorful rug has a nubby texture, so I created contrast with a smooth textured white sofa fabric and then found a medium cream velvet for the day bed and romantic chairs. The polished dark wood of the sculpted table and the green glass base of the table lamp bring more textures. By mixing a variety of textures I added additional layers of interest without adding to the cost.


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