How to Have Large Custom Rugs Hand Sewn in Six Weeks

Recently interior designers have been asking Asmara for very large size custom rugs for clients who cannot wait the 7 to 9 months it takes to hand weave very large custom rugs.

These clients had put off ordering their custom rugs and now find themselves in a situation where they have a fast approaching deadline to complete the interior of the house. They come to Asmara for alternate solutions knowing that we carry one of the largest inventories of exclusive designer rugs in very large sizes.

Large Custom Rug Hand Sewn in 6 weeks, Asmara rugs, Summer Savonile rug

Rug couturier Ercan cutting the complex organic pattern of the Asmara Summer Savonile rug in the Asmara studio. Ercan’s artistic eye and skillful hand sewing assures the large custom rug will have a pattern that flows naturally and the rug will lie flat on the floor.

In such situations we often call on Ercan Korkmaz. Ercan hand tailors custom rugs in the way haute couturiers like Coco Chanel and Cristobal Balenciaga hand sewed one of a kind dresses in the Paris of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

According to Wikipedia “a haute couturier creates exclusive custom-fitted clothing to order for a specific customer and uses expensive high-quality fabrics sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable seamstresses, often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques”. This pretty well describes what Ercan does for custom rugs.

Recently an interior designer needed two Asmara Summer Savonile rugs both in custom sizes of 13’6” x 26’6”. The rugs had to be delivered in 6 weeks to complete the interior of the client’s house in time for an important function.

The Summer rug contains 80 custom dyed colors and a rug of this size would take 8 weavers one full year to weave. Weaving two rugs would take even longer.

So we asked Ercan if he could hand tailor the two custom rugs by using several large Summer rugs in Asmara’s inventory in Boston.

Large Size Custom Rug hand sewn in 6 weeks, Asmara Summer rug

A handmade rug is much thicker and heavier than a dressmaking fabric so it is very difficult to sew. Adjustments have to be made for the variations in the weave of the rug, a natural occurance in anything made by hand. This means a good rug couturier also has to be a master rug weaver.

Five weeks later Ercan completed the two custom tailored Summer rugs. The customer called to say “If I told you I am thrilled, delighted and overjoyed, it would still be an understatement”.

Asmara Summer Rug in large custom size

The hand tailored custom Summer rug. Notice how gracefully the pattern flows and how well the rug lays on the floor. Compare the pattern of this tailored Summer rug with the Summer rug in the Asmara catalogue

The Summer rug is especially challenging to custom tailor as it has a pattern of branches, leaves and flowers growing towards the center from all four sides of the rug without any repeat in the pattern.

It requires exceptional artistic and sewing skill to cut and join such a pattern and Ercan did this so well an observer only sees a naturally flowing pattern.

This is especially remarkable when you consider that cutting and sewing a handmade rug offers far more challenges than cutting and sewing a fine fabric for dressmaking. A rug is far heavier, thicker and stiffer than fabric and this makes hand sewing very strenuous. Another challenge is that a rug being hand made, varies from place to place in thickness and tightness of weave. A rug couturier has to be a master at accommodating these variations otherwise the rug will not lay flat on the floor. The best rug couturiers like Ercan can do this because they also know how to hand weave a rug. Ercan can also spin wool yarn by hand, a skill he learnt as a child watching his mother while growing up in Turkey.

Working with talented artists, skilled weavers and the finest rug couturiers such as Ercan has made it possible to produce very large custom handmade rugs to exacting standards within an exceptionally short time.

Watch the video of Ercan working on the Summer custom rug:


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