How to Pair Designer Rugs with 12 Top Floral Chintz Fabrics

“Lean in and take a deep breath: Blossoms are back again,” proclaim the editors of Veranda in the July-August 2017 issue “Its popularity ebbs and flows with the times, but we say the blowsy, bold and beautiful mainstay is ready for a revival.” In preparation for the revival of floral chintz fabrics, we have created some great pairings of the 12 top floral fabrics featured in the Veranda article with designer rugs.


The July-August 2017 Veranda proclaims the revival of floral Chintz fabrics

“At Nicky Haslam’s English countryside retreat, chintz – layers and layers of it – is always is fashion.” Veranda 




We paired 12 of the 14 floral chintz fabrics featured in the Veranda article with designer rugs.



1. Pair Large Scale Florals With Small Scale Geometric Rugs



1.Pair the large scale floral of the Schumacher; Wisteria Vine, Periwinkle with the small scale Greek key Sigma Oriental Rug 1804BC handmade with hand-spun wool pictured below.


Blue and white greek key pattern geometric oriental rug Design 804BC 

1A. The the blue and white Sigma Oriental Rug 1804BC will resonate with the blues in Wisteria Vine, Periwinkle (1) as well as with the blue accents in Maisie (2), Delphinium (5), Beaufort, blue, green (8), Albertina (9) and Jubilee (11). Sigma has a cut and loop pile of fine hand-spun wool that feels luxurious underfoot and is safe because it has not been chemically washed. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.



1B. The golden-beige Sigma Oriental Rug 1804EA will bring out the greens and the blues in Wisteria Vine, Periwinkle and is so versatile it will enhance all 12 floral chintz fabrics in today’s post. Sigma has a cut and loop pile of fine hand-spun wool that feels luxurious underfoot and is safe because it has not been chemically washed. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.



2. Conjure Sunny Garden with Lush Florals and Yellow Geometric Rug



2. Lee Jofa; Maisie, Pink/Green. Create a sun drenched garden by pairing Maisie with the yellow-gold and cream Bombay Needlepoint Rug 1325CY pictured below.  



2A. The yellow and cream Bombay Needlepoint Rug 1325CY has the weathered texture of an antique rug thanks to the fine hand-spun wool yarn. It is not chemically washed.  Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


3. Energize Curvilinear Florals with Geometric Rugs



3. Jean Monro; Heale House JM805 at Clarence House has prominent curvilinear motifs and would benefit being paired with a large scale geometric rug such as the Chipping Needlepoint Rug 1130 CG pictured below.


Chipping 1130CG is a Chinoiserie style geometric needlepoint rug in green, aqua and cream

3A. Chipping Needlepoint Rug 1130 CG is inspired by Chinoiserie fretwork patterns and is available in the chunky Portuguese needlepoint texture pictured above as well as in the petit point Chipping Needlepoint Rug 1330CG. Both versions are handmade with fine hand-spun wool without use of chemical washes. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


4. Create Youthful Vibe with Floral Chintz and Contemporary Rug.



4.Create a contemporary atmosphere by pairing the Warner Textile Archive; Eleanor at Claremont Furnishing with a contemporary aqua geometric rug such as the Adelphi Oriental Rug 6556UG pictured below.


Adelphi Oriental Rug 6556UG has a greek key pattern in aqua, blue-green, gray and cream accents in a cut and loop texture and is handmade with hand spun wool

4A. The aqua, blue-green, gray and cream Adelphi Oriental Rug 6556UG has a luxurious cut and loop pile made of find hand-spun wool and will create a contemporary vibe to Eleanor as well as to Delphinium (9) and Hydrangea & Rose (10) pictured below. 


5. Enhance Large Scale Floral Patterns with Small Scale Geometric Rug



5. The large scale floral pattern of Rose Cumming; Delphinium at Dessin Fournir will be enhanced with a small scale geometric rug in green and aqua such as the Basketweave Needlepoint Rug 1109SG pictured below.



5A. The green and aqua Basketweave Needlepoint Rug 1109SG makes a great complement for large scale floral chintz fabrics.  Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


6. Energize Finely Detailed Floral Chintz with Medium Scale Geometric Rug



6. Create a dynamic interplay between the finely detailed fuchsia vines in Colefax and Fowler; Fuchsia, red at Cowtan & Tout with the green and cream geometric Bamboo Needlepoint Rug 1337CG (6A) or the damask Como Oriental Rug 6099FG (6B)



6A. The green and cream geometric Bamboo Needlepoint Rug 1337CG. provides an engaging contrast to the finely detailed floral vines of Fuchsia, red chintz. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


Como 6099FG is a damask rug with many shades of fresh greens and gold accents

6B. The medium scale damask Como Oriental Rug 6099FG is a great complement for Fuchsia, red,(6) or Flora Pacifica, Pink on White (7).  Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.



7. Freshen Floral Trellis Chintz with Geometric or Damask Rugs



7. Enhance the medium scale trellis pattern of Brunschwig & Fils; Flora Pacifica, pink on whitewith the small scale geometric Sigma Oriental Rug 1804FC (7A) or the medium scale damask Como Oriental Rug 6099FG (6B).



7A. The green and white small scale geometric Sigma Oriental Rug 1804FC is a great complement for the medium scale Flora Pacifica, pink on white (7) as well as Beaufort, blue, green (8).  Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


8. Dramatize Blue and Green Floral with Either Blue Rug or Green Rug



8. Create drama by pairing Colefax and Fowler; Beaufort, blue, green at Cowtan & Tout with either a blue geometric rug such as the Basketweave Needlepoint Rug 1108CB (8A) or a green geometric rug Sigma Oriental Rug 1804FC (7A).



8A.The blue and white small scale geometric Basketweave Needlepoint Rug 1108CB is a great complement for Beaufort, blue, green (8) as well as for Albertina (9), Maisie (2) Wisteria Vine, Periwinkle (1) and Jubilee, blues (11).  Rug Design © Asmara, Inc. 


9. Enrich Multicolored Floral Chintz with Golden Beige Rug


Albertina-at-Hazelton House.png

9. The multicolored Albertina at Hazelton House is extremely flexible and can be enriched by either a golden-beige rug such as Chipping Needlepoint Rug 1130 CD (9A) or Sigma Oriental Rug 1804EA (1B). Albertina will be enhanced by any of the green rugs, blue rugs or yellow rugs in today’s post.


Chipping 1130CD is a Chinoiserie style geometric needlepoint rug in goden-beige and cream

9A. The golden-beige and cream Chipping Needlepoint Rug 1130 CD is extremely flexible and will work with all 12 fabrics in today’s post. Chipping is inspired by Chinoiserie fretwork patterns and is available in the chunky texture pictured above as well as in a fine petit point Chipping Needlepoint Rug 1330CD. Both versions are handmade with fine hand-spun wool without use of chemical washes. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.



10. Change Mood by Switching From Contemporary to Traditional Rugs



10. Some floral chintz fabrics can be taken in either a traditional or contemporary direction depending by pairing them with a traditional or contemporary rug. An example of such a fabric is Jean Monro; Hydrangea & Rose, blue-green at Clarence House. Create a contemporary atmosphere by using it with the aqua and gray Adelphi Oriental Rug 6556UG (4A), or create a more traditional setting with the aqua and green B

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