How to Pair Green Rugs with Colefax and Fowler’s Spring 2013 Fabrics

If you are trying to find a great green rug to pair with the Spring 2013 Fabrics from Colefax and Fowler, Jane Churchill, Larsen and Manuel Canovas, it is important you pay attention to two important factors, first the shades of green in the green rug and second, the pattern of the green rug. Today we will look at lime green colorations of Callan Stripe, Brooke, Gilpin Stripe, Earthy and Jules. Taking color first, we note that lime green has a lot of yellow in it so it should be balanced with a blue-green. A fashionable choice would be Pantone’s Emerald 17-5641, the color of the year for 2013. However, be careful to avoid green rugs with large expanses of emerald green as they could make a room feel cold. Emerald as an accent color is fine, and it is even better if it is accompanied by a warm color such as yellow.

The second important factor is the pattern of the green rug. Today’s fabrics are a combination of solids, stripes and a small scale leaf pattern. The best green rug to complement these fabrics will have a pattern that does not mimic the fabrics but complements them. 

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Fabrics on Top: Left to Right and Bottom to Top: Colefax and Fowler’s CALLAN STRIPE in leaf (wide stripes in green and white) , Colefax and Fowler’s BROOKE in leaf (small green leaves on ivory ground), Jane Churchill’s GILPIN STRIPE in lime (lime green stripes on a white ground), Larsen’s EARTHY (white solid fabric), and Manuel Canovas’ JULES in Prairie (lime green solid fabric).

The Rug at the Bottom: Bamboo Needlepoint rug (green and yellow geometric pattern on an ivory ground).

Two Tips for Pairing a Green Rug with Green Fabrics

1. Balance the colors of the fabrics with a green rug in complementary shades

Since the fabrics have lime green, white and ivory, the rug should contain blue-greens and ivory to balance the yellow greens in the fabrics. Since large expanses of blue green make a room feel cold, I chose a green rug that has blue-green accompanied by yellow and lots of ivory. The yellow warms up the blue green and and also provides me the opportunity of introducing even more warmth into the room by choosing accessories in yellow and other warm colors. I can also add pop by adding pillows and accessories in more vibrant shades of yellow.

2. Balance the fabric patterns with a green rug in a complementary pattern

A striped, solid or leaf patterned green rug would be too repetitive. Far more interesting is a green rug with a pattern that compliment the stripes, solids and leaf motifs. The rounded and angular motifs in the Bamboo needlepoint rug balance the stripes and leaf pattern in the fabrics. At the same time the green rug brings new elements that makes the room feel warmer, more layered and sophisticated.  

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