How to Pick the Perfect the Wall Color, Decorative Rug and Fabric: 6 Tips

It is nearly impossible to pick a perfect paint color if you have not yet selected a decorative rug and fabrics. People who try to choose a wall color first, are disappointed when the rug and furniture are placed in the room and the overall effect is not what they expected.

A proven way to avoid costly decorating mistakes is to first ask yourself these questions: “How do I want to feel when I am in the room? and what mood do I want to create when guests are in the room? Each color has a different impact on how we feel. Once you learn the feeling different colors produce, it will become easy to pick the perfect combination of paint color, decorative rug and fabrics. Here are six different moods you can create by choosing the right combination of colors.


 Restful Calm: Pair White Walls, Blue and White Decorative Rug and Light Blue Fabrics


Lighter shades of cool colors such as blue will create a calming and restful atmosphere. Here a blue and ivory Bergamo CB needlepoint rug complements a blue and white floral fabric, white ceiling and white wood trim. The cooling effect of blue is balanced by warm accents such as pale beige walls, beige sofa, dark wood floor and gold mirror and picture frames. Interior Design by Polly McKenna, The Kellogg Collection

Invigorating and Relaxing: Pair White Walls, Green Decorative Rug and Green Fabrics.


Soft shades of green from yellowish green to mint green create a relaxing and invigorating atmosphere. Here a textured green and white geometric Sigma FC Oriental rug complements a green sofa and green and white toile upholstered chairs. The cool greens are balanced by warm dark brown wood floors. White walls and woodwork bring a light and airy feeling to this invigorating and relaxing library. Interior Design by Amelia Perez, The Kellogg Collection


High Impact: Pair Red Walls, Vibrant Green Decorative Rug and Dark Blue Fabrics


Deeper shades of green, vibrant reds and medium to navy blues will create a dramatic atmosphere. Here Bamboo, an emerald green and white geometric needlepoint rug, complements blue upholstery and red walls create a dramatic view from the bedroom seating area to the living room. Image courtesy Susan Nelson Interiors.


Socializing: Pair Beige Walls, Orange Accented Decorative Rug and Coral Fabrics


Brighter shades of warm colors such as orange, coral and orange-reds create an atmosphere that encourages socializing. Here the Hermitage Oriental Rug with orange-red, gold and green accents anchors coral and orange upholstery, pale beige walls, white window trim, honey toned wood floors and verdant garden views in an elegant traditional living room. Interior Design by Polly McKenna, The Kellogg Collection


Fashionable Socializing: Pair Pink Walls, Beige Decorative Rug and Pink and Orange Fabrics


Pink mixed with a touch of orange creates a fashionable environment for socializing. Here the pink walls have a slight orange cast which helps pull together the bright orange and pink fabrics. A beige, grey and cream Alcazar Oriental Rug is highlighted by a dark gray painted wood floor and provides a counterpoint to the bright pink and orange accents in the room.

Sophisticated Formal: Pair Art with Deep Blues , Neutral Decorative Rug and Pale Neutral Walls


Deep blue and dark green when paired with cream, beige and pale gray creates a formal vibe. Here an oil painting with large amounts of cobalt blue is complemented by a beige Oushak rug and gold and red accents distributed throughout an elegant living room designed by William Hodgins.

Lighting: Examine Paint, Decorative Rug Samples and Fabric Swatches Under Home Lighting


The color of paint, decorative rugs and fabrics looks dramatically different under different types of lighting. Fluorescent lighting will add make colors look bluer, incandescent brings out warm yellows. Only morning sunlight shows colors accurately. It is therefore important that you bring paint chips, decorative rug samples and fabric swatches home and look at them at the times when you are likely to be in the room the most. Here a gold decorative rug and neutral mid-century modern furniture looks yellower under incandescent lighting.


.Images courtesy The Kellogg Collection and Pinterest



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