Hybrid Contemporary-Traditional Wool Rugs for Dressy-Casual Decor

Brick red and white contemporary-traditional rug, needlepoint rug, Bergamo 1327BR rug, Asmara rug

“Even though the Bergamo rug’s pattern is very traditional, it is very playful and I like that a lot. I see this needlepoint rug as both dressy and casual. In a large size rug the Bergamo will make a great family room rug or a sun room rug. It would also make an incredible dining room rug…I tend to prefer rugs that have a strong contrast like this one has with brick red motifs on a cream background. The repetition of a consistent pattern looks better with all the chair legs and table legs sitting on it, rather than having a big medallion here and another big motif there that is covered over by the furniture. I like an allover rug design like this” Eric Guenther, Chief Interior Designer, Whim Home, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Yesterday I wrote that in future posts we will learn more about how to create rooms that will stay fresh and stylish for years. I asked Eric Guenther how he achieved this goal in the above room in Whim Home:

What does this room say to you?

Eric “I wouldn’t call this room casual.. I would call it lighthearted. There is something kind of happy about it.. it is kind of spirited…there is something very youthful about it. Anytime you can find a rug that is anchored in tradition and is classical and still feels like it’s truly new… then it is going to continue to be new. I like that about the other room we were talking about before (to be featured in a future post), because there is something kind of really fresh about that. This room says “Let’s be traditional, but not like your mother gave it to you, kind of thing”.

Will people looking at this room years from now, say “this room was designed in 2011”?

Eric “I don’t think so. I know that sometime the popularity of a style or of a specific fabric, like right now the Ikats are everywhere.. and Suzanis too… If such things get overused, its like “Oh my God”! Some designers have a specific kind of fabric and they just use it constantly. Talking about the “Million Dollar Decorators”, one of them uses so much of that ethnic look, and it is interesting , but it seems to be almost too style specific. I don’t see anything about this room that is like that. The rug is very traditional but you have tweaked the colors, you have tweaked the scale, you have played with the guard between the border and the field and it has this little kind of bracket in there that I really like. I am not in an way diminishing your contribution to the decorative part of this, but I think, its mixed up but still retains the classical format, it’s just freshened up.

In conclusion, when you start with a rug where you have tweaked things.. the construction is a little different, the scale is a little different, the colors are different, some of the above, all the above, which you are a master at, then it’s new even when it’s not new, because it is so far out in front of the pack anyway. Then what is done with it (in decorating) will keep the balance. That’s what people need to understand…they can spend the money on such a rug, and enjoy it, and not be afraid that they are trapped into it”.  

Future blog posts will feature new and exciting room schemes and provide valuable decorating insights.

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