Jamie Drake’s Romance with Coral Oushak Rugs & Bold Color Antiques

This wonderful video by Traditional Home Magazine gives a flavor of Jamie Drake’s bold colorful interiors, always brimming with personality.

All the rooms in the video have colorful contemporary wool rugs. So I was pleasantly surprised when I came across these artistic, romantic and magical rooms created on an exceptionally beautiful Oushak rug in soft apricots and corals. All the images are from Jamie’s beautiful website.

Coral Oushak rug, Peach Oushak rug, Apricot Oushak rugUnlike the bold contemporary wool rugs in most of Jamie Drake’s interiors, the Oushak rug in this living room is soft and muted in corals, peach and apricots. But now look at the incredibly beautiful dollops of vivid colors, shapes, textures, styles and genres that have been placed so romantically on the “neutral canvas” of this Oushak rug.

Jamie Drake starts with one strong color and then adds a second one to balance it and then perhaps a third one to add interest. In this living room our eye first goes to the purple ottoman and pillow and then moves to the warm orange in the two cabinets flanking the fireplace. We next move to the bright yellow pillows. All these bright colors need to be held in a matrix of neutrals so they can be showcased and enjoyed. The soft colors of the Oushak rug become a neutral, first because they are so soft, and secondly because there is such a wide expanse of them in the Oushak rug. The other neutrals are the dark purple of the sofa, the gold of the barrel shaped upholstered chair, the dark wood of the round table and the pale yellow of the walls. Apricot Oushak rug, Coral Oushak rug, Antique Oushak rugAnother view of the apricot and peach Oushak rug supporting the silvery gray and gold of the sofa. The intriguing armrests are golden sculptures of Pan, the back legs of the sofa are Pan’s hind legs. The antiques in this apartment are  whimsical, daring and romantic. In Greek mythology Pan is the god of wild nature, of rustic music and an amorous companion of the nymphs. He has the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat and the torso and head of a man. A daring mixture of attributes that is not unlike the mix that Jamie Drake is so fond of creating.

Red, yellow green, yellow, black rugs

  It is clear that this client has a unique, romantic and bold taste in art. Jamie’s interior design has allowed the objects the client has collected to be seen in a vibrant, colorful and dynamic context. The painting’s mythological reference is playfully juxtaposed next to the colorful grouping of luminously colored busts.

Red, yellow green purple rugs

A cream, gray and gold Oushak rug anchors the vivid red, purple and yellows in the master bedroom. The contemporary lines of the bed are softened by the rounded edges of the red upholstered bench and mythological winged armrests of the chair. Note the playful pairing of a pink seat cushion with a red back cushion. “Luxury, glamor, and sensuality,” is how a client summed up Jamie’s work. Another exclaimed: “Jamie holds the line between inventive forward thinking and being out of control.”

Coral, peach, apricot Oushak rug, Anatolia Oushak rug

The Anotolia Oushak rug has soft corals, peach, apricot, greenish gold and cream and will make an excellent canvas for placing bold colors, romantic shapes and luxurious textures.



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