Jennifer Flanders Mixes Bold Pinks With Red and Gold Oushak Rugs

gold, coral, beige Oushak rug, Jennifer Flanders living room

Jennifer Flanders is no shrinking violet, and her designs reflect her vibrant personality. She is known for glamorous designs, and this living room is a lovely and livable testament to her aesthetic. It is as comfortable as it is beautiful, and its colorful drama is unified by the muted coral reds and green golds of an Oushak rug.

A flashier and less imaginative decorator could have selected a rug with bright pinks, deep plums and bright yellow greens, slavishly matching the colors of the upholstery fabrics. Such a room would have felt frenetic and noisy. Flanders has a defter hand. She understands that to create powerful drama you need strong stars and excellent supporting acts. In this living room the soft coral reds and yellow golds of the Oushak rug support and amplify the bold apricot pinks, plums and bright yellow greens of the furniture and the painting. The delicious names of these colors reflect the luxurious quality of their hues.

Above all Jennifer Flanders knows how to create a feeling of luxury. She loves to work with soft, plush fabrics, and this room has clearly benefited from her taste for comfort. The overstuffed pillows are enticing – one can easily imagine reclining on one to read for an hour or three. But this isn’t just a place to relax – the bright furniture makes the room invigorating and the golden cream background of the Oushak rug warmly invites you to come and sit down.

The many seating options allow guest to gather in smaller more intimate conversational groupings.  At the same time a large group could easily gather here and the circular seating arrangement would foster a lovely sense of inclusion. Even when unoccupied, the room does not feel empty. The bright colors of the furniture set against the muted color palette of the Oushak rug creates a visual tension that gives the room a youthful energy.

coral red and gold Oushak rug, Jennifer Flanders living room design

Here is another living room where Jennifer Flanders placed a soft coral red, green, and gold accented Oushak rug to support bright apricot pink chairs. The energetic colors are again supported by a subtly colored Oushak rug.

Here are is an Asmara Oushak rugs to support your colorful drama.

Gold, coral red, yellow green, beige Oushak rug, Asmara Kos Oushak Rug Design 3214DH

The Asmara Kos Oushak rug has accents of coral and cranberry reds, gold, green and white on a honey-beige background. If your color palette runs to blues, taupe and gold consider the Asmara Pera Oushak rug.

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