Kara Mann’s Poetic Mix on Gold, Yellow and Peach Oushak Rugs

yellow, gold, cream Oushak rug, Kara Mann living room, Asmara rug

The squared lines of the contemporary sofa, lamps and the rough wood block coffee table are paired with the curvilinear motifs of the cream, yellow and gold Oushak rug.  Kara Mann creates poetic beauty by mixing square and rounded shapes, contemporary and traditional styles, the roughhewn with the ornate and hard with soft.

In a recent interview Kara Mann described her interior design style as “Biker Chic goes to Fashion Week”. All the rooms in today’s post are from a Chicago Lake Shore Drive Penthouse designed by Kara Mann. Kara Mann instinctively pulls together opposites in unexpected artistic juxtapositions. The effect becomes very powerful, beautiful and exciting in her hands. She proves that it is boring when everything is contemporary, everything is traditional, or everything is soft and luxurious.

The best interior designers mix different, styles, periods, scales and textures in artful ways. What is unique about Kara Mann is the extreme range of her mix such as the juxtaposition of the roughhewn wood coffee table with a plush Oushak rug.

“Biker Chic goes to Fashion Week” is an apt description of her style, and gives us some insight into her ability to bring together extreme opposites and create an ethereal beauty that is unmatched in its poetry.  

peach, cream, grey Oushak rug, Kara Mann Family room, Asmara rug

In the family room we again see Kara Mann’s artful mix of the squared with the curvaceous, the informal with the formal and the contemporary with the traditional. All of this is pulled together on a peach, yellow-gold, cream and gray Oushak rug. Dark smoky green wood paneling, a dark blue painting and a dark wood floor provide a dramatic backdrop for the yellow-gold and peach tones in the Oushak rug and the pillows

Kara Mann dining room

The theme of mixing opposites continues in the dining room.The wood block dining chairs are reminiscent of the living room coffee table. The porcelain and picture frame provide the curves and the yellow, peach and cream colors continue the color palette of the Oushak rugs in the living and family rooms.

Kara Mann Poetic and ethereal study

The private study mixes the squared table with an ornately carved chair. The dark wood panels, the triptych photograph and the fantasy curves of the chair create an environment of ethereal beauty that encourages states of reverie and flights of imagination.

Yellow, gold, gray, cream Oushak rug, Asmara Konya Oushak rug 3029CY

Konya Oushak rug in yellow, cream, gray and taupe has the kind of mix of traditional pattern with contemporary colors that we see in Kara Mann’s interiors.

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