Kelly Wearstler: 4 Tips for Decorating with Aqua Rugs and Fabrics

” A sexy blend of masculine and feminine” is how Kelly Wearstler describes the atmosphere you can create with aqua rugs, fabrics, art and accessories in an article in the September 2015 Traditional Home. Her four edgy interiors illustrate her decorating advice and her bold juxtapositions of modern art, accessories and aqua rugs.



 Traditional Home September 2015 says “Aqua is bound to make a splash.” Page courtesy Traditional Home.


Kelly Wearstler paired a blue rug with an aqua leather sofa. Image courtesy Kelly Wearstler.

1. Where to use aqua: “Aqua’s ethereal vibe is soothing yet distinct,” Aqua is…”perfect for seating or communal spots,” Kelly Wearstler told Traditional Home.


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The Corona Wool and Silk Oriental Rug 8303SB combines multiple shades of aqua, sea-blue sea-green in a wool and silk cut and loop texture. It is handmade with handspun wool and fine silk and is not chemically washed so it is safe for children and pets. Corona is stocked in size 9’x12′ and can be custom ordered in many sizes and shapes. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


Wearstler pairs an aqua and yellow rug with white, gray and turquoise objects in a high rise apartment in Austin, Texas.  Image courtesy Kelly Wearstler.


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Zambezi Oriental Rug 3154SG features a python skin pattern in aqua, sea-blue sea-green, gold and taupe and goes with all shades of aqua. It is handmade with handspun wool and is not chemically washed so it is safe for children and pets. Zambezi can be custom ordered in many sizes and shapes. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.



A green rug anchors pink, blue, black and white art and objects in a Kelly Wearstler designed living room. Image courtesy Kelly Wearstler.

2. What aqua goes with: Aqua and “Shades of light violet or shell pink pair beautifully. Gunmetal has a grounding effect, making it feel less precious. I love the dichotomy of soft, organic hues and edgier metallics. The juxtaposition is a sexy blend of masculine and feminine. 


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The Adelphi UG Oriental rug has multiple shades of aqua, sea-blue sea-green and works with all shades of aqua. It is handmade with handspun wool and has luxurious cut and loop texture without use of chemical washes so it is safe for children and pets. Adelphi is stocked in several sizes. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


3. How to use aqua: Use aqua “monochromatically, punctuated by accents of lush neutrals and subdued, tonal blonds,” advises Wearstler in TH.



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Yellow green, blue, gray, white, cream and beige fabrics in silk, velvet, cotton and linen are paired elegantly with the aqua and cream Thera Oushak rug 3220B creating a calm and stylish atmosphere. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc

4. What atmosphere can you create with aqua? Aqua is a “quiet yet imaginative color. it evokes a cool tranquil vibe and plays well to spaces where one wants to feel relaxed and at ease,” Wearstler concludes in TH.


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Southern California designer Eric Guenther designed this vignette with the Thera Oushak rug to illustrate how to pair several shades of aqua, green, jade, turquoise, blue, black and gunmetal gray with an aqua Oushak rugRug Design © Asmara, Inc.



Traditional Home September 2015 features aqua fashions, fabrics and accessories. Page courtesy Traditional Home.

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