Lonny Magazine’s 10 Best Living Rooms with Decorator Rugs

Decorator rugs, decorative rugs

Patrick Cline and Michelle Adams co-founded Lonny Magazine. Patrick had lived in London so the name combines London and New York. Ruth Fremson/The New York Times image.

When Domino Magazine folded in early 2009 Michelle Adams was a 24-year-old assistant answering phones and running around Manhattan looking for just the right accessories to style photo shoots. Now she is the editor in chief of Lonny an interior decorating magazine she co-founded with Patrick Cline who she met when he was assisting a photographer at a Domino photo shoot. Today Lonny has a cult like following and several on-line imitators.

Notable interior designers Vicente Wolf, Celerie Kemble and John Derian have embraced Lonny, even though it does not engage high caliber photographers, stylists and editors that Architectural Digest, Veranda and Elle Decor do. The New York Times wrote that Vicente Wolf didn’t think twice about appearing in Lonny and Rue when he was approached, saying “A regular magazine has limited space. With an online magazine, as much as you can give them, they will show.”

Patrick Cline photographs almost all of Lonny’s interiors without changing the way they actually look, unlike the print magazines. Michelle Adams recalled to the New York Times what Domino shoots involved, “They would call in sometimes truckloads of furniture, accessories, lighting, and we would create the ‘Domino look’ in somebody’s home and after wards take it all back.”

Lonny gives you the feeling of accessibility because as Patrick Cline explains “We’ll leave lamps on and animals walking through shots.” The result is that while a one day photo shoot for a print magazine would yield four usable photos, Lonny gets 27.

Here are my picks of Lonny Magazine’s top 10 living rooms with decorator rugs.

Decorator rugs, decorative rugs, decorative rug, geometric rugs

1. Angie Hranowsky’s fabulous library  is dazzled by an indigo and white geometric decorator rug inspired by an ancient Indian Dhurrie pattern.

Decorator rugs, decorative rugs, decorative rug

2. Angie Hranowsky creates a worldly sophistication with a red and white decorator rug in a East Turkestan pomegranate pattern.

Lonny Magazine, Susan Becher

3. Susan Becher ads zip to an all white living room with a black and white stripe decorator rug.

Decorator rugs, decorative rugs, Oushak rugs

4. Celerie Kemble sophisticated white, black and blue color scheme is anchored by a silver gray Oushak rug.

Decorator rugs, decorative rugs, decorative rug

5. Lee Kleinhelter’s sisal decorator rug lets the magnificent ocean views and architecture be the stars.

Lonny Magazine Living Rooms, Carolina Irving

6. Carolina Irving creates an unforgettable living room by juxtaposing the granduer of an English stately home with the simplicity of a blue and white striped decorator rug.

Decorator rugs, decorative rugs, decorative rug

7. John Loecke, Inc.’s wool and silk art-deco decorator rug supports an elegant mix of periods and styles in a sophisticated living room.

Lonny Magazine Living Rooms, Celerie Kemble & Anna Burke

8. Celerie Kemble and Anna Burke chose an over scale blue and white geometric rug to bring energy to this living room.

Lonny Magazine Living Rooms, Lisa Fine

9. Lisa Fine evokes exotic civilizations along the Silk Road with the wall covering, art, ikat fabrics and a red and white pomegranate decorator rug.

Lonny Magazine Living Rooms, Daniel Pafford

10. Daniel Pafford grounds a white living room with a blue and white geometric decorator rug.

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