Luxury Rugs, Geometric Rugs, 5 Decorating Tips

Lisa Torbett Interiors* of St. Simon’s Island, Georgia, is renowned for designing luxurious homes, clubs and hotels. This living room by the company’s founder, president Lisa Torbett, and vice president Dee Simmons, is both luxurious and accessible. It teaches 5 valuable lessons on how to decorate with luxury rugs and geometric rugs.

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In this space Lisa and Dee demonstrate the value of artistic restraint. For example, instead of using every color from the fabrics and drapery in the custom colored Chipping oriental rug, they chose to use a single gold, thereby creating an aura of elegance and luxury. Also, by selecting a moss green for the geometric rug’s background and white for the tracery design, they cooled and balanced the warm golds and clarets in the chair fabric and drapery.

1.  Use Artistic Restraint to heighten the aura of luxury

There is a common misconception that luxury decorating requires using the most costly materials in abundance. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We have all seen rooms loaded with expensive silks and overpriced antiques that feel stuffy and uninviting. The living room above shows that elegant luxury comes from artistic restraint and not from excess.

2. Use luxury rugs that are both modern and traditional

Lisa and Dee chose the Chipping rug because it is a modern take on the art of the 18th century master furniture maker Thomas Chippendale. If they had used a traditional persian oriental rug the room would not be as sophisticated. 

3. Create a complex harmony by  mixing shapes and textures.

Lisa and Dee create a melodious symphony by playing the angular and rounded shapes in the geometric rug off the square shapes of the upholstered chairs, the curved armrests, the scalloped edge of the round table and the undulating curves of the piano. Remove any of these pieces and the room would feel incomplete. Add one more item and the room would look crowded.

4. Remember luxury decorating is all about the details

Luxury decorating shows through in the details.  An amateur wouldn’t necessarily know how to finish a room, whether it’s the type of pleat in a drapery, or the one of a kind fringe on a pillow.  The details are the small but defining differences that give a room a luxurious appearance. Hire the best professionals and get the details right.

5. Keep furnishings and decor in proper scale

Many people do not have an accurate sense of scale. Lisa and Dee’s living room feels and looks luxurious because the size of the rug, the height of the upholstered chairs, the lighting, the windows and the ceiling height are all in proportion to each other. If you are unsure of your ability to manage scale and proportion, you can avoid costly mistakes and delays by retaining a competent interior designer who can assist you in achieving the right scale and proportion.

 *Lisa Torbett Interiors have been featured in Spectacular Homes of Georgia, Architectural Digest, Trend magazine, Travel and Leisure Golf, Southern Distinction, Southern Seasons, Sea Island, and Elegant Island Living Magazine and was awarded the Georgia Mainstreet Award for Ecological Restructuring and Design for outstanding design accomplishments

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