Make a Statement with Aubusson Rugs: 5 Stunning Interiors

The total embodiment of luxury and drama, Aubusson rugs can bring glamor and style to a room. Aubusson rugs not only help pull the room together they can also be the stunning focal point of a room. Many areas of the home, from the grandest of living rooms to the drabbest of hallways, can be transformed into something entirely unique and enchanting with the right Aubusson rug. 

Top decorators have created some great interiors with Aubusson rugs. The following five examples have been selected to spark your imagination and encourage you to design your own special room with an Aubusson rug.

1. Design an Impressive Entrance with Blue Aubusson Rug

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French interior designer Andre Putman once said that “For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another”. This grand foyer exemplifies this notion by not only filling an otherwise empty space in the home’s entryway, but by complimenting everything around it and bringing a sense of completion to the space. Note how the blue ties in with the gorgeous chairs and tapestry, all the way up to the dome’s stained glass. Additionally, consider how the floral pattern in the rug resonates with the pattern between the spirals of the banister. Everything flows together perfectly.

2. Make a Bold Statement with Modern Aubusson Rug

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Featured in W magazine, this standout room found in the home of antiques dealer Yves Gastou may seem like an eclectic mix of neoclassical design and Jean-Charles Moreaux armchairs atop a funky carpet. The magnificent geometrical Aubusson rug was designed by Andre Arbus and it makes all the elements in the room work together unifying old traditions with contemporary pieces. Image courtesy Yves Gastou.

3. Enjoy French Savoir Faire at its Best with Gold Aubusson Rug

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The bedroom should be an oasis of warmth and comfort, and Aubusson rugs make it easy to achieve this aesthetic. While this particular rug may not make a bold statement, it adds texture to the space and marries the different furnishings, fabrics, and decor through a subtle and pleasing color palette. As designer Charles Eames said, “The details are not the details, they make the design”. As proof of his sentiment, this vintage French Country style bedroom, which was featured in Country Home and Living, is truly completed by the rug. Image courtesy Country Home and

4. Design a Colorful Dining Room with Green Aubusson Rug

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The green draperies and wall panels may seem like a risky decision for the design of this dining room in a Boston, Massachusetts home, but the Aubusson rug creates a space that is united in an elegant and appealing color scheme. The rug’s green leaves communicate with room’s decor, while the white background of the Aubusson rug tones down the drama of the color and brings out the crisp whites of the room’s walls and ceilings. Image Courtesy Scott Snyder.

5. Savor Edwardian Elegance with Red Aubusson Rug

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William R. Eubanks choice of a red Aubusson rug is stuns us with its beautiful creams and reds. This Downton Abbey style living and dining area is the type of room that can be built up and around an Aubusson rug. The rug acts both as the centerpiece and also as the tie that binds the space together. Red arm chairs, cream walls and window trimmings, as well as draperies, throws, and furnishings featuring similar hues work to bring out the details of the Aubusson carpet while evoking a sense of warmth and luxury. Image courtesy William R. Eubanks.

The use of Aubusson rugs within the home creates a sense of excitement and limitless possibilities. Inspiring numerous themes and styles of decor, these beautiful rugswill add life and originality to absolutely any area of the home.

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