Make Holiday Guests Feel Welcome: 4 Chic Rooms with Red Rugs

Red is a color that makes guests feel warmly welcomed and it is most effective at doing this during the cold winter months and especially during the holiday season.  I am not even thinking of holiday decorations in which red plays a prominent part. But any amount of red feels warm and welcoming at this time of the year. So today we are going to look at four rooms that will make your guests feel welcomed and each of these rooms has a red rug or a rug with red accent colors.

Bring Inviting Warmth to Modern Living Room with Red Geometric Rug

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This bright, modern apartment, designed by A Parallel Architects in Austin, TX, uses clean design with bright pops of color that keep the room fun and whimsical.  A geometric rug with a red pattern pops against the light wood floors.  Tall, thin windows with black border mimic the black border on the rug.  A pale blue sofa with square edges enforces the hip, modern architecture, and a yellow abstract painting adds a sunny warmth that complements the warm reds in the rug.  Image courtesy Ryan Burke & Eric Barth, A Parallel Architects.

Add Sparkling Warmth to Living Room with Red Walls and Red Rug

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Lorenzo Castillo has designed a daringly stylish hotel seating area by juxtaposing modern and traditional styles with a red and white Baroque wall molding, orange and white toile screens, geometric ottoman fabric, Art Deco coffee table and Baroque chandelier all pulled together with a grey and red rug with large scale diamond pattern. Image courtesy Lorenzo Castillo.

This seating area designed by Lorenzo Castillo has a boldly stylish look that makes guest feel fashionable themselves.  The deep red rug, with large diamond shapes, small horizontal stripes, and a thin white outline, is a large scale pattern that anchors the space.  The size of the pattern of the rug works with the size of the space, creating proportion.  The red geometric pattern on the ottomans connects with the rug. Toile screens in orange and white stand out from the red walls and add energy. The red and white on the walls resonate with the red and white in the rug. The mix of patterns produces a young and vibrant energy without feeling overwhelming. This is because there is a mix of different scales. The baroque wall and the rug have large scale patterns and the ottoman fabric has very small scale pattern while the toile fabric has a medium scale pattern. It is important to use this approach any time you are using patterns in a room.

Add Welcoming Warmth to Guest Bedroom with Red Needlepoint Rug

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Washington, DC interior designer Susan Nelson created a warm and stylish bedroom by using warm yellows, golds and reds on a cream and red needlepoint rug. The head board and the seating area sofa are upholstered in a cool blue to balance the warm colors. Image courtesy Susan Nelson. 

This charming bedroom, designed by Susan nelson, has a cream rug with a red pattern.  Nelson uses a similar pattern in pastel yellow for the bed linens to create a calming feeling. The bench is upholstered in a floral fabric with pale blue and red. The blue in the fabric connects with the blue headboard and red in the bench fabric connects with the red rug. White columns, white ceiling and trim add crisp contrast while the beige walls and yellow fabrics add warmth.

 Add Warmth to Modern Dining Room with Red Bessarabian Rug

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This funky, modern dining room would have felt cold without the red floral Bessarabian rug. Image courtesy Elle Decor UK.

This bohemian dining room mixes modern and traditional styles and a variety of textures, finishes, and accessories to create a hip vibe. The designer created a relaxed feeling by juxtaposing a distressed, rustic wood floor with an ornate traditional floral red rug with pops of blue, green, and pink. The dining “chairs” are a mix of rustic styles that even includes a stool. All of this contributes to the informal, personal charm which can make guests feel at home.  A large collection of pictures are hung on the wall in an irregular arrangement that looks informal and highly personal. The pictures frames in a multitude of colors resonate with the colors in the rug.  

The room’s chic look and relaxed atmosphere is due to the impression that it was not rigidly “put together”.

Red rugs are a stylish way to make your home feel warm and welcoming during the winter and holiday seasons.  Red rugs are great for pulling together a room that contains a mix of traditional and contemporary objects.  Red rugs bring a feeling of strength to a room that has a lot of pastel colors and red rugs always make guests feel at home.

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