Make Rooms Holiday-Ready with Gorgeous Decorative Rugs: 10 Photos

A well-chosen decorative rug can bring a feeling of luxury, warmth and Holiday magic to a room that is lacking vital energy. Here are 10 examples of how to use a show-stopping rug to transform a room for the Holidays.


A blue and red oriental rug and red silk drapes offer guests a warm and regal welcome at the entrance hall of AD100 designer Juan Pablo Molineux’s apartment in the Château-du-Marais near Paris.


A gold Oushak rug brings a feeling of luxury and comfort to a contemporary bedroom designed by Lucy Earl in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.


A red and green antique Oushak rug pulls together muted red upholstery and vibrant green walls and creates a stately and cozy atmosphere in the library of jewelry designer Elizabeth Locke’s house in Virginia’s hunt country designed by Alison Martin and Jean Perin.


A gold Oushak rug adds an atmosphere of luxury and history and creates an energetic contrast with the double-height stone fireplace in a contemporary living room in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan designed by Lucy Earl.


A black floral needlepoint rug heightens the drama by providing contrast to large expanses of rich reds in a sumptuous dining room in Colchester, England designed by Adele McGann.


A blue, white and black geometric painted floor complements neoclassical furniture and emerald green and cobalt blue silks in the Manhattan dining room of French-born antiques dealer and interior designer Jean Paul Beaujard.


A beige and charcoal Malmaison neoclassical needlepoint rug complements wood paneled walls, Beaux-Arts fireplace and rich damask fabrics producing a magical atmosphere in a living room decorated for the Holidays.


A 19th century red Agra rug complements Louis XVI and Régence furniture and creates a regal atmosphere in the salon of designer Juan Pablo Molineux’s apartment in the Château du Marais near Paris.


A gold textured rug complements red plaid upholstery, antler chairs and rustic touches in the main living room of a barn attached to a Colorado house designed by Cullman Kravis.


An ornate black, red and gold needlepoint rug complements red and white Pierre Frey fabric on the walls and lit à la polonaise in the Polish bedroom of Joy de Rohan Chabot’s  15th Century château in the Auvergne region of France.

Images courtesy Architectural Digest, Traditional Home and Southern Accents.

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