Mario Buatta Creates 7 Happy Palm Beach Interiors with Decorative Rugs

Mario Buatta can transform any dull space into a happy one by a deft pairing of pastel colors and decorative rugs in a way that makes a room come alive like a garden in spring. Buatta’s artistry finds its fullest expression in Palm Beach where he has created memorable homes for celebrities and the society set. Today’s 7 interiors are among his happiest.


Peach, cream, celadon, cerulean and lavender create a happy ambiance as you walk from the living room to the dining room of the Palm Beach home Buatta designed for a retired Psychiatrist and her financier husband.

Since the house was fairly new, Buatta decided to add some character with crown moldings, “French-looking” bookcases, cabinets and painted doors which created the ambiance of a gilded old-style Palm Beach villa. “I tried to bring it not up to date but back to date,” quipped the quick witted Buatta in an Architectural Digest interview.


“Mario Buatta used the warm, happy-making colors he knows I like to be immersed in,” the client told AD. A grey geometric rug and off white walls bring out the pinks, blues and greens in the living room.


A textured grey geometric rug complements pink walls and makes the blues, turquoise, lavender and greens appear fresh and spring-like in the master bedroom.

“When I give talks, I always ask a man in the audience, “What color is your bedroom, sir?” And he usually has to ask his wife. So if you are a woman and you want a pink bedroom, then you should have a pink bedroom, because the man in your life is only going to notice you anyway. The right bedroom makes you look more huggable, more lovable. It should be flattering.” Mario Buatta told AD.


A cream and green trellis Aubusson rug complements pink and silver neoclassical dining chairs and walls covered in silver tea paper.


The cream and green trellis Aubusson rug connects with the tropical gardens outside.


Asmara’s Treillage Aubusson Rug was made from an original painting by Elizabeth Moisan who used watercolors to create subtle shading.


Prints of ferns are grouped together on the wall in the guest bedroom. Buatta told AD that his goal is “to create a ‘living garden’ where people are living. It’s never complete. It’s constantly changing as people buy new things.”


Asmara’s Ferncroft needlepoint rug depicts four varieties of ferns surrounded by a border inspired by the ironwork of the glass conservatory in the Bronx Botanical Gardens which artist Elizabeth Moisan visited as a child.


The terrace has splendid views of the gardens framed by arches and tall columns.


Buatta designed a scalloped valance to evoke a whimsical tent in the family and breakfast room. A grey geometric rug defines the sitting area.


The rear exterior of the South Florida home.

Images and Mario Buatta quotes are courtesy of Architectual Digest.

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