Martyn Lawrence Bullard Melds Fashion, Glamour with Zebra Area Rug

Zebra rug, Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn Lawrence Bullard is a rock star in the world of interior design and  is featured in the Bravo reality series Million Dollar Decorators. His client list includes Cher, Sir Elton John, Aaron Sorkin, and Edward Norton – to mention just a  few. This living room gives off the excitement of  the Hollywood home of a Hemingway, Bogart or George Clooney.

The living room’s color scheme has been composed in harmony with the exotic and fashionable zebra area rug. The stark white-on-brown and black contrasts give this room a dramatic, masculine edge. Bullard’s impeccable design demonstrates how we can make a living room feel exciting and adventurous.

The crisp whites, blacks, dark brown, and vanilla tones are warmed by the ample natural light from the windows and the golden glow from the fireplace. The white leather couch reflects so much light that it practically begs to be sat upon – the white leather shimmering in the dancing sunlight.

The black armchair would be a lovely place to recline and watch the fire, and it can also be rotated to view the garden through the windows. This room is designed to be used as a relaxing as well as a rejuvenating haven. The small splashes of orange, red, and yellow present in the pillows, prints, and orchid petals give the room an extra dash of energy to invigorate you. Or you can dial it down with the warm glow of the sun or the fire and relax in your favorite arm chair or couch.

The combination of the zebra area rug and the fire transports us to an African safari camp in the midst of the Serengeti plains. You may notice a slight pick up in the heartbeat and a rising anticipation of adventure.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard loves fashion, and his flair for combing fashion and interior glamour is exemplified in this living room. In the world of high fashion, relaxation is a black-and-white tie event.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Quote: “A true melding of fashion and interior glamour… it is the dream of my career to have been able to mix my passions together and create this kind of perfect unison.”

Zebra area rug, Wool Zebra rug

Detail view of Serengeti, a Zebra area rug handmade with hand spun wool yarn. Zebra can be custom ordered in any size from Asmara.

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