Mica Ertugun Interior Design Tips Video with Contemporary Wool Rugs

 Contemporay wool rug, Art Deco wool rug, Art Deco Savonnerie rug

Mica Ertugun stands on a Contemporary wool rug in the French Art Deco style. “I never do anything in one style. When furniture and accessories are good quality and the right proportions, you can mix anything.” Courtesy Architectural Digest.


Mica Ertugun’s garden in Bodrum, Turkey.The living quarters are placed around this garden. There are seating areas with fountain, palm and fruit trees, rosemary bushes and ancient marble. New York Times image.

An old Yali on the Bosporus

Mica Ertegun designed the interiors of this restored ancient Yali (a traditional Istanbul wood house) on the banks of the Bosporus for a client. The two story building on the left is called a haremlik and is for family life. The smaller building on the right is for entertaining guests. AD image.

red, blue wool traditional oriental rug

The entrance hall of the guest house on the banks of the Bosporus has a library with two seating areas each defined by a red, gold and blue traditional oriental rug. AD image.

red, blue traditional oriental rug in reading room

The reading room of the library has a red, blue and cream traditional oriental rug. AD image

house on the Bosporus

The front balcony of the Yali has a view of The Second Bosporus Bridge and the owners boat. NYT image.

Oushak rug, Oushak rugs, Cream Oushak rug

The living room of a house high above Los Angeles designed by Mica Ertegun has a cream, gold and persimmon colored Oushak rug. AD image.

Traditional Oriental rug, Living room rug

The art filled living room of author Barbara Goldsmith, a benefactor to the New York Public Library. The seating area in the back is defined by a traditional oriental rug.

Terrace of Mica Ertegun's penthouse

Mica Ertegun designed this penthouse for a client in a Robert A. M. Stern building. It runs a full city block in length. It has multiple terraces including this one devoted to outdoor dining. AD image.

cream Oushak rug, living room rug

The penthouse living room has two Thomas Hart Benton oils and a cream with persimmon accents Oushak rug. AD image.   

Red, blue, orange, yellow contemporary wool rug, Art deco wool rug

A contemporary wool rug in the French Art deco style in cream, pink and green anchors the wood paneled library in the 6,000 square foot penthouse designed by Mica. AD image.

Red, grey, brown, blue contemporay wool rug, Art deco wool rug

The dining room overlooking Central Park has a contemporary wool rug in the French Art Deco style in terracotta, blue and brown. The color of the blue dining chairs and the wall covering are pulled from the wool rug. AD image.

Red and blue traditional oriental rug, dining room rug

A red and blue geometric traditional oriental rug in Mica Ertegun’s own library.


Mica Ertegun has been in the ID Hall of Fame and Architectural Digest’s AD100 list for many years. She formed her design firm MAC II with the late Chessy Rayner on a whim in 1967.

Mica’s design philosophy is to use simple fabrics with a few well chosen important pieces of furniture and rugs that can range from contemporary reproductions of French Art Deco rugs to antique traditional oriental rugs, Oushak rugs and Agra rugs. She uses a few high quality antiques in each room, although not everything has to be very expensive.

Her interiors are serene, carefully edited and airy. Her clients are top echelon business people and the well heeled and well traveled including the late Bill Blass and Kenneth Jay Lane. Her commercial clients include the Carlyle Hotel and Warner Communications.

Mica’s clients quoted in The Franklin Report have said: “She delights in finding the most unusual furniture specimens, from unexpected sales markets in Europe to the world’s finest antiques dealers.” “So expensive, but it is the real deal. Worth it.”  “Mica doesn’t have to stretch to recapture that aura of mid-century glamor, she lived it and does it effortlessly.” “Consistent in her reserved demeanor, Mica’s designs are also reserved, yet so comfortable and opulent at the same time.”



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