Mixing Savonnerie Rugs and Modern Art Creates 2 Stunning Interiors

There’s something thrilling about decorating your home with Savonnerie rugs and modern art. The juxtaposition of old and new, or traditional and modern, can really pack a punch in a room. Savonnerie rugs feature lush patterns that can range from French baroque to Neoclassical and romantic. Savonnerie rugs feature medallions and floral elements within architectural borders. Imagine one of these luscious rugs spread out in a room with dark wood floors. Your first instinct may be to fill the room with Louis XVI furnishings. Savonnerie rugs would obviously look great within that sort of design scheme since that was how they were originally used. Now, imagine that you’ve got your heart set on a favorite Mark Rothko painting. The rich and densely hued horizontal blocks of color appeal to you, and you wonder if it would work in the room with your classic rug and furnishings. The answer is a resounding “yes.” Savonnerie rugs work beautifully with modern art, no matter what type of art it is. You could almost look at Savonnerie rugs as modern art themselves, with their bold designs and vibrant colors.

If you’re planning on decorating with Savonnerie rugs, keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t limit yourself by trying to match the colors of all the elements in the room with the rug. “Complimentary” doesn’t always mean matching. This means that if you’re into Savonnerie rugs filled with red and rose-colored hues, you’re not limited to modern art in those colors. Choose art that feels good to you, no matter what the hue.

  • Take a look at the design of the rug. Many designers draw cues from Savonnerie rugs when figuring out what type of art to place in the room. The medallions or curlicues may inspire the patterns in the art that you choose. The Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky is famous for his paintings of squares within circles. Imagine how those colorful shapes would complement a rococo Savonnerie rug. There are many different modern artists whose work would shine with Savonnerie rugs. From Keith Haring’s iconic graffiti figures to Yayoi Kusama’s swirling tapestries, all types of modern art could shine with Savonnerie rugs.

  • Consider scale when pairing your Savonnerie rugs with your modern art. A large bold Savonnerie can take center stage in the room while your art can play more of a supporting role. You could also let the art take center stage instead.

Savonnerie Rugs and LaChapelle

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Boldly colored David LaChapelle photographs of transsexual icon Amanda Lepore posing as Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe are highlighted by being juxtaposed next to the soothing colors of the Savonnerie rug in this eclectic library in the home of Brazilian architect Jorge Elias. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

Jorge Elias is all about the neoclassical and the contemporary. His library is a perfect example of the way Savonnerie rugs can help contemporary art sing. The beige, coral and blue Savonnerie rug grounds the space, not overpowering it but instead providing the perfect platform from which the art can shine. The large bold David LaChapelle prints are able to receive all of the attention they deserve thanks to the soothing colors of the rug. Rather than disappearing into the room, the rug grounds the space and provides the color source for the room’s yellow, coral and red fabrics on the sofas, pillows and drapes. The LaChapelle prints, large and extreme carry the room with the support of the Savonnerie carpet.

Savonnerie Rugs and a Tex-Mex Mix

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Neoclassical Savonnerie and modern art light up the traditional Texas living room of Larry Hokanson designed by Michael Siller. Image courtesy Luxe Magazine.

This is another stunning example of the delicious way that Savonnerie rugs and modern art mix so well. The silk-covered ottoman and sofa are just some of the touches that designer Michael Siller added to this room. The Savonnerie rug here is an attention-getter on its own, thanks to its bold, graphic pattern. In this instance, the collection of modern art is equally balanced with the rug, sharing the spotlight.  

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