Muriel Brandolini’s Exotic and Colorful Contemporary Wool Rugs

Muriel Brandolini, geometric rugs

Muriel Brandolini‘s style is daring, exotic and a refreshing break from a world of too much beige. “Visceral”, “Not for wimps”, “audacious”, “bold”, and “instinctive” are some of the adjectives applied to her work. Image courtesy Muriel Brandolini.

Muriel says her mentor was Renzo Mongiardino, a stage and screen set designer who had a flair for illusion. The New York Times wrote at the time of Mongiardino‘s death: ” (he)was called the world’s greatest living interior decorator….although “Mr. Mongiardino habitually dismissed his renown… ”I’m a creator of ambiance, a scenic designer, an architect but not a decorator.”

Muriel’s other teacher was her mother-in-law, Countess Cristiana Brandolini who was also the first to recognize Renzo Mongiardino‘s talent and asked him to decorate her Veneto villa. Renzo transformed it with a dazzling design with cardboard painted to resemble antique tiles which he mixed with exotic furniture placed in a classical architectural setting.

Later in New York, Muriel worked as a fashion stylist. She has no formal training in interior design and calls her work “an accidental career”.

Let us look at the exotic and colorful contemporary rugs Muriel Brandolini has selected for her interiors.

Red, gold contemporary wool rug, dining room rug

In the dining room of the home of Muriel Brandolini where she lives with her husband Nuno and children, the wall covering is silk hand-embroidered in Vietnam with whimsical motifs. The red and gold contemporary wool rug has accents of white and purple and is vaguely reminiscent of flowing streams of molten lava. Image courtesy Elle Decor.


Purple, yellow contemporary wool rug, living room rug

A contemporary wool rug with purple circles and yellow stems holds a split orange and black table. The composition has enough color to stand up to the lush nature surrounding this glass-and-steel Hudson Valley house designed by architect Thomas Phifer. Image courtesy Elle Decor.

red, green, blue, yellow painted stair runner rug

A client commented to the Franklin Report: “Muriel thinks decorating should be fun and does not take herself too seriously.” I love the playful way she painted the stairs in orange, pink, green, blue and yellow as if it was a contemporary runner rug. Image courtesy Muriel Brandolini.

Cream, blue contemporary wool rug

Sunlight floods through large windows and amazing blinds and refracts the lucite block tables on the fanciful patterns in a blue and white contemporary wool rug. Image courtesy Muriel Brandolini.

Grey, gold, green contemporary wool rug, bedroom contemporary wool rug

The bed floats on a silvery ocean of a serene gray contemporary wool rug with gold accents representing islands. Another client told the Franklin Report: “She is a whirlwind of style, opulence, and the unexpected.” Image courtesy Muriel Brandolini.

Silver grey contemporary wool rug

A Smarties cocktail table by Mattia Bonetti “drifts” in the flowing river of a silver and blue contemporary wool rug. The multicolored double reclining sofa and wicker chairs set a playful mood. Image courtesy Muriel Brandolini.

blue, white contemporary wool rugs, geometric contemporary wool rugs, dining room contemporary wool rugs

This dining room’s geometric white on blue contemporary wool rug could be imagined as the grid lines of a city or even a circuit board. Image courtesy Muriel Brandolini.

Blue, white map contemporary wool rug, bedroom contemporary wool rug

Dark blue, light blue and white contemporary wool rug in a New York West Side living could be a city observed from the air at night. The wall is upholstered in damask and still looks contemporary. A client told the Franklin Report: “Muriel’s range is mind-boggling–she can go from the smallest loft to the grandest Park Avenue apartment, and have great fun with both.” Image courtesy Elle Decor.

Taupe, white, blue contemporary wool rug, grey, blue, white contemporary wool rug

Taupe, gray, white and blue contemporary wool rug in a calm seating corner shows that Muriel can also do “peaceful and soothing”. Image courtesy Muriel Brandolini.

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