Needlepoint Rug, 3 Tips for Decorating with Green, Whites and Yellows

When used skillfully, greens, whites and yellows make a room feel soothingly cool in summer and sunny and warm in winter. Today we will gain 3 decorating insights from the work of two interior designers who started with two very different green, white and yellow needlepoint rugs.

green and white geometric needlepoint rug, Bamboo 1337CG needlepoint rugInterior Designer Jere Bradwell started with the Bamboo geometric needlepoint rug becuase it’s fresh greens, whites and butter yellows harmonize all the whites, green and yellows in the fabrics, furniture and walls. These greens and whites make are soothing and cooling in summer and the yellows make the room feel sunny and warm even on a cloudy winter day. Jere Bradwell, senior designer at European Home Collection, Holicong PA, wrote to Asmara “I am attaching pictures of our morning room from the (2011) Bucks County Designer House that opened last night to a gala preview party. We really got rave reviews from everyone on the green and white room, which is something you don’t see every day. Lots of people commented on the (needlepoint) rug, and many thought it must be a $10,000 rug, so maybe we will be selling it as well”.

1. Learn what effect different colors have on how you feel when in the room.

Interior designers have long understood that colors have a huge impact on how we feel in a room. Greens and whites make us feel cool in summer, yellows and golds make us feel sunny and warm in winter.

2. Select a needlepooint rug with a complex range of greens, whites and yellows so you can create a room that is comfortable year round.

In summer we are drawn to the cooling effect of soft whites and fresh greens. In winter we are drawn to the sunny warmth of butter yellows and honey golds. A needlepoint rug that artfully combines all three color families allows you to accentuate the greens and whites in the summer and highlight the golds and yellows in the winter thereby making the room feel comfortable year round.

Green and white geometric needlepoint rug, Bamboo 1337CG needlepoint Rug, Asmara rug

At first glance the Bamboo needlepoint rug looks just green and white but closer exmination reveals subtle shading in butter yellows. The needlepoint rug’s complex color palette allowed Jere Bradwell to use warmer butter yellows and cooler whites and greens in the morning room.

3. Make sure the shades of greens, whites and golds in the needlepoint rug are appropriate to the style of the decor you wish to create.

The vignette below shows how a classically traditional room could be created with muted greens, whites and golds in an architectural geometric needlepoint rug. Note the colors are appropriate to the classical architecrural style of the room and yet they are fresh and lively enough to create the appropriate emotional effect in the room.

Green, white gold architectural needlepoint rug, Oval 2407CG needlepoint rug, Asmara rug

Polly McKenna, Branch Manager of The Kellogg Collection, Richmond VA created this vignette to inspire her clients in creating a classically inspired room of muted greens, whites and golds. The classical architectural geometry of the Oval needlepoint rug is complimented by the round mirror, the gold picture frames and the green and white leopard print stripe upholstered bench.

Green, white, gold Architectural needlepoint rug, Oval 2407CG needlepooint rug, Asmara rug

The Oval needlepoint rug is inspired by the work of the Venetian architect Andrea Palladio (1508–1580). The greens range from fresh leaf greens to muted olive shades. The ground is putty with white highlights. The golds range from yellow golds to green golds. This complex color palette gives an interior designer greater flexibiliy in creating rooms that feel cool in summer and warm in winter.

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