Needlepoint Rug, 7 Advanced Decorating Techniques

We all recognize a beautifully designed room, whether it is in a friends home or in a magazine spread.

Today we will gain insight into the decorating approach of two interior designers with an extraordinary talent for designing stylish and inviting interiors with needlepoint rugs. Lisa Torbett and Dee Simmons have summed up their decorating approach in 7 principles. You can see these principles expressed in the amazing rooms below. Lisa and Dee have generously shared their insights to help you whether you are working with an interior designer or decorating for your self. You can view more of Lisa and Dee’s spectacular interiors on their website.

Blue and white needlepoint rug, Bergamo 1427CB needlepoint rug, Blue and white patterned needlepoint rug

The best way to learn the 7 advanced techniques for decorating with needlepoint rugs is by studying this Sea Island Georgia home designed by Lisa Torbett and Dee Simmons 1. Introduce color in the room with either a bold rug or with accessories, but not with both. In the living room above the bold color comes from the Bergamo needlepoint rug in several shades of blue and antique white. The blues in the needlepoint rug draw in the colors of the ocean 2. Create drama by supporting the main colors with neutrals. By selecting whites and creams for the ceiling, walls and sofa, Lisa and Dee allow the blue and white needlepoint rug to create the drama 3. Use color to set the mood in the room. The blue and white color scheme makes the room feel cool and inviting on hot summer days 4. Use subtle touches to tie in the main colors and patterns. The blues in the needlepoint rug are gently connected to the blue piping in the two white sofas. The pattern in the rug is echoed by the rounded geometry of the ottoman fabric. 5. Introduce dark and light shades to complete the range of shades in the main item. The wall tapestry and the chair fabric in the far corner bring in navy and dark blues thereby completing the light blues and medium blues in the rug 6. Add interest by using unexpected decorating techniques. Lisa and Dee avoid the expected techniques  and use a fresh approach by coordinating the adjoining room rug with the beige and yellow pillows in this room instead of with the blue and white rug 7. Use large size rugs to make the rooms feel larger and more inviting. 


geometric needlepoint rug, beige and white needlepoint rug, Bombay 1325DC Needlepoint rug, Asmara rug

The 7 techniques are demonstrated again in this adjoining family room and dining area 1. The main color comes from the blue pillows, the faïence urn and the wall pictures. These blues pull in the colors of the sea 2. The neutral beiges and whites in the Bombay geometric needlepoint rug, the white walls and the dark wood tones in the ceiling and furniture support the blue accessories. 3. Large expanses of beige and dark browns create a mood that is warm, restful and welcoming in winter and cool in summer 4. The beiges in the rug are subtly echoed in the lamp shades, the pictures and the chairs in the far end of the room. The rounded motifs in the rug are echoed by the round wrought iron chandelier 5.The light blue pillows are framed with dark blue fringe and the faïence urn has a full range of blues from light to dark 6. Freshness and variety is introduced again by reversing where the bold colors are used in this room compared to the adjoining room 7. The very large needlepoint rug allows all the furniture to sit on the rug, giving the room a feeling of warmth and space. 

mid-scale geometric needlepoint rug, beige and white needlepoint rug, Bombay 3125DC needlepoint rug, Asmara rug

A view of the dining area at the far end of the family room. The blue and white living room can be seen in the left distance.

modern geometric needlepoint rug, neutral geometric needlepoint rug, french wood inlaid floor pattern needlepoint rug

Another view of the seating area in the family room.

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