Needlepoint Rugs Make it Easy to Mix Antique with Modern

Is your vision of needlepoint rugs confined to subtly colored rugs with tame floral motifs? If so, prepare to get your mind blown away with the beauty of bold and colorful needlepoint rugs. Because they are flat-woven and have intricate patterns, needlepoint rugs are often thought of as being high on aesthetic and low on function, especially when compared to other types of rugs. What you may be surprised to learn is that you can find good quality needlepoint rugs in bold, vibrant colors that are also highly durable and suited for trafficked rooms. You may have a needlepoint rug that you’re dying to use, but you’re afraid. Use it. Billy Baldwin said, “Stick to the things you really love. An honest room is always up to date.”

Go Bold With Floral Needlepoint Rugs

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A Boldly colored needlepoint rugs in a living room designed by Diamond Baratta. Image courtesy Diamond Baratta.

William Diamond and Anthony Baratta, founders of the design firm Diamond Baratta Design, have probably never met a color that they didn’t like. Their clients come to them looking for interiors that put a modern spin on traditional design. They take this design philosophy one step further by applying it to the furnishings, textiles and rugs that they create. They have extremely successful collaborations with designers, rug makers and other artists. Their goal is to always be open to creating something new and to never be fearful. Artists love working with the firm because they feel like it’s a true collaboration and that you’re working with them, not for them. From needlepoint rugs to braided rugs, Diamond and Baratta create rugs that are full of uniqueness and personality. Brooklyn textile artist Erin Wilson is one of the artists that the firms works with, and her specialty is creating stunning needlepoint rugs. The former dancer creates exquisite needlepoint rugs that are filled with intricate detail and hand-applied applique, a feature that immediately sold Diamond and Baratta. Wilson loves the way that needlepoint rugs, considered by some to be old-fashioned, become bold graphic design pieces when graced with the Diamond-Baratta touch.

Those looking for bold floral needlepoint rugs may be interested in the one featured here that was designed by the company. Oversized flowers make up the design of this rug, and the colors are bright, bold and beautiful. Rather than making a selection from needlepoint rugs that are more sedate, Diamond and Baratta allowed the rug to join in on all of the colorful fun. The lime-green sofa and the yellow-green and cream plaid chairs don’t clash with the rug at all but instead are enhanced by it. The rich brown coffee table provides a welcome visually grounding force.

Needlepoint Rugs Enhance Abstract Art in Kate Spade’s Home

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A needlepoint rug in an Aubusson pattern pulls together antiques and modern art creating visual energy in Kate Spades Manhattan living room. Image courtesy Steven Sclaroff.

Esteemed interior designer Steven Sclaroff is another artist who’s thrown out the rulebook when it comes to design. He could mix vintage needlepoint rugs with modern furnishes with one design and go completely contemporary with another. He’s well known not only for his design but also for his love and passion for antiques, a love he gets to enjoy with his NYC antiques store. He is the design force responsible for the bold and colorful Kate Spade and Jack Spade stores.

It’s easy to understand why they wanted him to design their New York apartment. The result is a stunning home that mixes provincial and modern brilliantly. In their brightly colored modern art-filled living room, needlepoint rugs like this one jump right into the colorful mix. The needlepoint rug works beautifully against the brightly colored abstract paintings, red, black, white and yellow accents and gray sofa.

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