Orange Rugs: 3 Chic Rooms for Winter, Summer and Spring

Interior designer Thomas O’Brien believes interior design is “not about trends or what’s in season…it’s really about beautiful and classical things.” This truth applies to orange rugs because rooms decorated with orange rugs bring sunny Mediterranean colors into a room all year round.

Orange is a beautiful, vibrant color and we usually associate it with autumn, but it is a color that feels sunny and inviting all year long. If you love orange rugs, but worry that you will be stuck with a fall look, do not to worry. You simply need to study the work of the three design masters whose chic interiors show how beautiful and classic a room with an orange rug looks at any time of the year.

Design Spring Look with Orange Rug

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An orange rug, pink walls and white wainscoting, ceiling and white upholstery create the look of spring that will feel fresh all year round.

A room with an orange rug can have the atmosphere of spring if you mix cool colors with orange.  In this fresh and energetic room, the bright orange of the rug creates a decidedly spring feel to accompany the pink walls, crisp white furnishings and light accents.  If you want your orange rug to exude that fresh spring feel, then choose a rug with a vibrant hue and pair it with pink and white. Adding in lush greenery will also put a bounce in any orange rug.

Create Summer Vibe with Orange Rug

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Interior designer Steven Sclaroff chose blue and yellow fabrics for a room with an orange rug to create the breezy aura of summer in the home of designers Kate and Andy Spade. Image courtesy Steven Sclaroff.

Orange rugs can also help you to display the casual feel of summer. In the home of Kate and Andy Spade, an intensely colored orange rug (an Oushak rug to be exact) is paired with blue and yellow upholstery,pillows and art. To give your room with an orange rug a summer-like feel, add blue and yellow to bring the feeling of the blue summer sky and yellow lemons.

Design Cozy Living Room with Your Orange Rug

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An orange and coral rug in a sitting area invokes the welcoming and comforting atmosphere that soothes during the colder months.

Orange rugs certainly suit for fall, but they can work for your design right through the winter months as well. In this sitting area, the various tints and shades of orange in the rug recall the warm hues of the fire while the dark blue and black accents in the rug offer some stately sophistication. To transform your room’s look with an orange rug for the colder months, add layers of warm oranges, tangerines and gold; while also using deep blue and black to ground your orange rug.

Orange rugs definitely look good in autumn; but like O’Brien said, design isn’t just about what is in season. Don’t shy away from orange rugs just because you worry about being stuck in one seasonal look all year long. With the addition of various colors, your orange rug can transform your space into one that suits no matter what season it is.

Switch out elements in the room—rather than your orange rug—that are mobile, such as pillows, décor and artwork. For spring, adding white, pink and green adds life and vivacity to your room and its orange rug. In the summer, mixing up the colors of the room creates that summer cool vibe; try blues and yellows. For a cozy feel in the winter, mixing in gold, black and dark blue will transform your room and your orange rug into a comfortable and welcoming space.

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