Orange Rugs Add Chic Energy to 2 Interiors

Orange is one of the most beautiful and vibrant colors on the color wheel and it has the ability to energize or soothe. It’s often said that orange is the color of revitalization, hope and energy. In color therapy, orange is often used to nurture and awaken a depressed soul. When decorating with orange rugs, you can create any mood in a room that you wish. 

Some of the ways that orange rugs can emotionally and spiritually improve your space include the following:

  • Orange rugs can literally brighten up a room that doesn’t get a lot of light. Light is important in a space, and rooms that don’t get a lot of light can make you feel gloomy. Brightly colored accessories like orange rugs can infuse the room with warmth and energy, allowing you to literally bring your own sunshine!

  • Orange rugs can bring a welcome pop of color into rooms that have a cool, modern look. Contemporary rooms are very beautiful, but they can often seem cold and unwelcoming. Introducing elements like orange rugs can break up the icy severity of the space, allowing people to feel welcome and joyous.

  • The shade of orange that you choose will have an impact on what it does to the space. Orange rugs that have more of a darker, burnt sienna-like tone will warm up the room, making it feel cozy. These oranges would be great for spaces like bedrooms.  Brighter oranges will energize and uplift a space, making it lively. Orange rugs in these tones would be great for spaces like living rooms.

  • Use your accessories in order to enhance the effect of orange rugs.  Your paintings, art, drapes, and even the paint you use on the walls can create a welcoming palette.

Orange Rugs and Fine Dining

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An orange Oushak rug makes this dining room look light-filled and warm. Designed by Nashville interior designer Jason Arnold, the orange rug pulls together modern and traditional pieces beautifully. Image courtesy Jason Arnold.

When Jason Arnold designs homes, he believes that a home should “stand up and welcome you.” It should also “reflect who you are.”  His philosophy is brilliantly reflected in this photo. As mentioned, orange rugs can be used to bring cozy and welcoming warmth into a room, and that’s exactly the case in this gorgeous dining room. The orange and cream rug creates a cozy yet vibrant supportive base for the room. The glossy, dark brown wooden dining table is large enough to anchor the room, while the wood and cream chairs keep things light and airy. The rich, coral curtains frame the room beautifully as they borrow their rich hue from the rug. Orange drapes hung on a track and running through the center of the room further enhance this effect. Reflective elements like the crystal chandelier and the glass-front cabinet add additional welcoming, textural elements into the room.

Billy Baldwin + Orange Rugs = Timeless Fabulousness

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The gorgeous, Billy Baldwin-designed Eastman living room enhanced by rugs and art. Image courtesy Peakofchicblog.

Design legend Billy Baldwin eschewed overbearing, florid design for looks that were clean and modern. He used bold colors instead of over-the-top detailing in order to energize his spaces, so elements like orange rugs were par for the course. His tailored, clean but stunning approach to design is evident here in his design for the living room of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Eastman. The deep, orange rug is set off by brown, glossy lacquered walls, creating an effect that is at once illuminating and homey. The room is filled with paintings by Rothko (shown), de Kooning and Franz Kline, all of which offset the orange rug beautifully.

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