Orange Rugs Add Drama and Personality to 3 Chic Interiors

Interiors designed to feature orange rugs have a unique ability to offer warmth regardless of the season. It’s easy, particularly in mid-October, to find yourself surrounded by all things pumpkin and assume that orange is a color best suited for the autumn.

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Villa gardens in the spring, Lago di Como, Italy. Photo by Ian Patrick.

On the contrary, as the burst of orange flowers in a garden near Lake Como shows, orange is a vital color during the spring as well. What’s more, orange rugs can provide a stunning statement of personal style all year long thanks to the luscious color they bring into your home.

Add Drama to Men’s Dressing Room with Orange Rug

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Fernandez & True Interiors used an orange Oushak rug to ramp up the dramatic feel of the gentleman’s dressing room they designed for The Atlanta Symphony Associates Decorators’ Show House in 2012. Photo by Erica George Dines for Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine.

In this space, the orange rug provides an energetic and luminous contrast to the rich dark wood wall paneling. The dark wood tones of the space are augmented by a horn chandelier and clever use of mirrored panels in the vanity. Using an orange rug allowed the designers the to use vibrant orange fabrics on the antique chair and to bring in the eye catching Hunt Slonem painting. Note that this orange rug has large areas of lighter colors such as cream, pale green and gold. These light colors reflect light and make the room feel well lit. When choosing an orange rug try to find one which has light colors as well as dark colors.

Evoke Romantic Paris with Cream and Orange Bessarabian Rug

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Richard Keith Langham chose a cream and orange Bessarabian rug to anchor antiques and paintings in a living room that nostalgically evokes the Paris of Woody Allen’s movie Midnight in Paris. Photo by Pieter Estersohn for Architectural Digest.

Here, we see a masterful use of a cream and orange Bessarabian rug by Jackie Kennedy’s interior designer Richard Keith Langham. The space is rich with landscape paintings and traditional furniture and accessories from a several periods and evokes a romantic Parisian atmosphere. Pickled cypress wall panels and landscape paintings, create an ambiance unique to the home owner. Orange rugs that feature a subtle shades and lyrical pattern offer a designer the ability to combine antique and vibrant colors and mix objects from different periods in way that gives the room a “collected” rather than “decorated” look.

Mix Modern Art and Antiques on Orange Savonnerie Rug

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Designer and Antique Dealer Jorge Elias used a cream, red and orange Savonnerie rug to anchor modern art and antiques in his São Paulo living. Photo by Roger Davies for Architectural Digest.

Another living room that feels “collected” rather than decorated is the living room of Jorge and Lucila Elias featured in Architectural Digest. Jorge Elias started with a stunning Empire Savonnerie rug with a color palette of orange, pink, blue, and gold. The rug punches through the space and amazingly draws allegiance with modern and tribal art, mid century modern furniture, modern and traditional paintings as well as French antique furniture and traditional English furniture. It is hard to imagine any other rug being able to pull together so many different styles, periods and colors as well as this remarkable cream and orange Savonnerie rug.

Using Orange Rugs for Your Next Interior

This short walk through three amazing interiors has sparked some ideas on how you can use orange rugs to add drama and personality and create interiors that reflect how you live.

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