Orange Rugs Add Warmth and Style to 3 Interiors

Whether you are looking for the perfect fall décor or something to bring out the earthy highlights in your room, an orange rug can be exactly what you need to create a warm, welcoming space. While orange can be a bold choice, many interior designers find unique ways to bring out the rustic and citrus shades. Because orange is an uncommon choice, it makes the perfect centerpiece for your design or serves as a vibrant accent. In today’s blog post, I’ll show you some cozy interiors that add just the right amount of color with orange rugs.

Add Warmth and Rustic Flair to a Classic Style with Orange Rugs

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This Christine Fife living room is adorned in several shades of brown and orange to recreate a classic Paris style that will never go out of style. The orange rugs in this room create a sense of complete elegance among the antique décor.  Image courtesy Christine Fife.

This living room is a brilliant example of how orange hues can be gracefully woven together to create a comfortable look. The busy room is filled with precious antiques that all share the earthy colors of the space. The inviting orange rugs compliment the plush couch and chairs, creating a relaxing space.

Invite Nature Inside with Orange Rugs

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A stunning studio designed by Ehrlich Architects uses vibrant orange rugs to add more rich color among the earth-themed color palette of the room.

It is hard not to notice nature in this interior with the double height open window looking out on a tropical landscape. Ehrlich Architects chose an orange rug to help keep the eyes on the ground and then let them slowly move to the view outside. This creates a natural garden feel to the sitting room. In addition, the vibrant color guides visitors to the warm seating area. This makes the sitting area feel like an intimate space, despite the fact that it in is a large room.

Add Just the Right Hint of Citrus with an Orange Rug

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Orange doesn’t always have to complement the great outdoors. This bright foyer designed by J. Randall Powers adds just a splash of tangerine to make the right impression. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

The old saying of “less is more” isn’t always incorporated into modern design. This welcoming foyer features a very modern design that features stark chocolate brown and white colors. A Navajo rug with a sand and tangerine geometric pattern helps to break away from a very ordinary design. With just the right hint of orange, these bright tones help to lighten the room and add some excitement. 

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