Orange Rugs Bring Fall Colors and Chic Look to Interiors

The colors of Fall are rich, warm, and earthy – excellent qualities for any cozy space.  Fall’s most prevalent color, orange, can feel intimadating to homeowners even though their interior designers are very adept at using them.  The key to feeling comforatable with decorating with Fall colors is to understand that there are many subtle ways to decorate with them. Orange rugs and fall colors are very versatile, not only as vibrant centerpieces, but also as complements to many other styles that you may not have thought of.  With smart choices, orange rugs and fall colors can be vibrant, appealing, and add elegance to any space.

Design Romantic Parisian Living Room with Orange Rug

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The centerpiece of design for many rooms is the decorative rug, and Christine Fife has selected an orange rug that contains gorgeous shades of tangerine as the building block for this Paris-inspired room.  Image courtesy Christine Fife.

Rather than going with complementary shades, Christine opted to use tangerine as the focus. The walls, pillows, and chairs are all in the same hue. The affect is an exercise in orange elegance. The tangerine and gold brocade fabric covering the seating platform, the stark black lamp and picture frames and antique furniture all evoke Parisian flair.

Unify Colorful Modern and Traditional Furniture with Orange Rug

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This room is eclectic, funky, and combines sleek with the unsuspected.  Bryn Alexandra uses a muted orange rug in a Persian style as a way to tie many influences together. Image courtesy  Bryn Alexandra.

The architecture of the French armchairs resonates with the motifs in the orange rug, and the rug also acts as a bridge for the rest of the color palette.  In the color wheel, orange and blue work as opposites of each other, creating maximum impact when paired together, and the blue accents work harmoniously with the rest of the palette. The rug contains all the vibrant colors found in the room- orange, yellow and blue. The eclectic style uses elements of many periods but is solidly grounded (pun intended) by an orange rug and savvy color choices.

Add Elegance to a Warm Rustic Living Room with Orange Rug

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This room by Martyn Lawrence Bullard has a traditional, town and country style with cozy touches – overstuffed cushions with gold embellishments, leather-armed sofas with gold rivets, soft tan walls and everything is anchored by an orange rug.  Image courtesy Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

The key to this space is the subtle use of color to enhance the sunlight through the windows. The orange rug echoes the yellow, gold, and brown tones featured in the space.  The traditional design of the orange rug also brings a stately atmosphere that coordinates with the traditional objects in the room.

Create Structure in Modern Space with Geometric Patterned Orange Rug

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The modern aesthetic – clean lines with minimalist touches, is a style that works very well for bold color choices.  This orange rug with the dark geometric pattern echoes this style perfectly and mirrors the architecture of the chairs and large windows perfectly. Image courtesy Susan Diana Harris Interior Design. 

The size of the orange rug also coordinates with the size of the room, utilizing the size of the space as an art piece in itself.

Orange rugs are a versatile way of adding drama and interest into any room, and orange is a color that lends itself beautifully to a variety of styles and architecture – from traditional, to ultra modern, to Parisian chic.  Using the shade to your advantage will instantly brighten any room.

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