Orange Rugs Bring Mediterranean Colors to 4 Chic Interiors

Orange is a color often associated with sunshine and Mediterranean fruits- peaches, apricots, melons and grapefruit. Darker oranges remind us of the colors of fall- pumpkins, autumn leaves, and orange and pink sunsets. Orange evokes romance and warm feelings. Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “Nature is the inspiration for all ornamentation.”  Orange rugs bring the colors of the Mediterranean and sunshine to your home. Today’s four interiors by top decorators show how to use orange rugs in clever ways to bring the warmth of the Mediterranean and the chic luxury of jewel tones to your home.

Add Cozy, Elegant Library with Orange Rug

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Legendary decorator Albert Hadley chose a beautiful coral and orange oriental rug to create a cozy and stylish library. Image courtesy Albert Hadley. 

The orange rug in this cozy library with a fireplace designed by Albert Hadley has gorgeous shades of orange, with green, blue, gold and yellow accent colors.  The rug’s evocative pattern and antique texture adds an exotic presence to this clean, elegant space.  The glossy tiles and the lacquered wall in a dark blue-green resonate with the blue and green in the rug and the gold in the picture frame and the yellow of the upholstered chair pick up the yellow and golds in the rug. The white fireplace mantle and white trim on the bookcases adds crispness. Family photos and mementoes add personality.

Bring Chic Energy to Library with Orange Rug

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A cream, coral and orange rug adds a stylish and warm energy  to this library in Russia designed by Gabhan O’Keeffe. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

This large orange rug, designed by Gabhan O’Keeffe, has a wealth of detail and mixes patterns, stripes, and color in a vivid way.  To play on the geometric detail of the rug, O’Keeffe uses a mix of patterns and textures that mimic those of the rug, without clashing.  White pillows with dark orange-red borders add a darker shade of the orange in the rug. Striped fabrics on the sofa cushions, bolsters and drapes take their inspiration from the colors and stripes of the rug. The blue trim around the bookcases adds a cool color to balance the warm oranges and reds in the room. The angled striped stone coffee table adds an energetic note. This room has many layers that play together with a harmonious energy that captivates our attention.

Add Jewel Colors and Warmth to Modern Living Room with Orange Rug

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Interior designer Garrison Hunter creates a chic energy by pairing an orange oriental rug with pink, coral, blue and purplish brown. Image couresy Garrison Hunter Interior Design.

Orange is a color that plays well with jewel tones and bright hues, as shown in this stylish and playful living room.  The orange rug has flecks of teal, with a border of a purplish-brown and mint.  A coral chair gives a punch of strong color that complements the muted orange of the rug.  A brown, mid-century sofa in mink brown brings out the brown of the rug, and a teal pillow in a silk sheen adds richness.  Simple lines in the rest of the space allow the colors of the room to be the focus.

Bring Jewel Colors to Eclectic Living Room with Orange Rug

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Design Crisis uses the pops of orange in the Oushak rug to anchor a colorful living room with orange, gold, pink, blue and brown fabrics. Image courtesy Design Crisis.

This cozy sitting room, featuring a cream and gold Oushak rug with pops of orange and a ribbon of soft blue, has a sparse, funky flair.  The contemporary and interesting design of the rug gives unconventional inspiration to the rest of the room.  A teal couch with a plush texture, bringing out the blue of the rug, has bright scarlet pillows.  Orange throw pillows with a gold damask design give homage to Parisian design.  The room is part contemporary, part rustic, and anchored by a unique rug that anchors and gives balance to the space.

Orange rugs bring personality and vibrant energy to interiors.  Orange’s appeal makes it a good choice for creating a focal point and orange rugs have character and charm that work well with bold design.  An exotic orange rug adds dimension to a classic space, while an orange geometric rug has the presence to carry a multidimensional interior.  Jewel tones and unconventional pieces work with an orange rug’s vibrant energy to help you create chic interiors.  Orange rugs provide a solid anchor and add focus to design, making decorating with them fun, creative, and rewarding.

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