Orange Rugs Evoke the Romance of French Interiors

There is no question that the French seem to have an eye for fashion and interior design. They are famous for their ‘je ne sais quoi’ of style—that indefinable, pleasing quality that seems so natural to them and is admired all over the world. Coco Chanel once said, “A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion.” Chanel was probably think of couture, but her sentiment is equally valid for interior design. If you love French interior design, try orange rugs as this color has long been popular in elegant French salons as we shall see in today’s post.

Designers the world over have been using orange rugs in evoke the French romantic style which ranges from the light and airy to opulent and glamorous. The lighter shades of orange and coral are mixed with large amounts of cream and gold to create the lighter French country style while the darker, more intense shades of orange are found in the moody and romantic Parisian style salons. Orange rugs come in many different styles and colors and give you the opportunity of designing your own version of the romantic French interior.

Evoke French Country with Orange Aubusson Rug

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Orange rugs such as this Aubusson rug go perfectly with the elegant look of French Country design, such as this salon in designer Ginny Magher’s house in Atlanta, Georgia.

Designer Ginny Magher is well-known for her love of French interiors, and one of her homes—in Atlanta, not the one in Provence—epitomizes the elegance and comfort that is French Country. The coral, orange and gold tones in the Aubusson rug make the blues in the French chairs stand out.

Create a Romantic Parisian Style Living Room

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Orange rugs are perfect for designing rooms that evoke the romance and drama of Paris, as in this salon with intense tangerine, black and gold color palette.

Paris-style décor is all about the romance and drama of the famed city. The orange rug evokes a romantic atmosphere and anchors the orange fabrics and walls. Black accents in the lamp, table and pictures heighten the drama in the room.

Design an Opulent French Salon

Orange rugs, orange rugs for sale, orange Aubusson rugs, Coral Aubusson rugs

Orange and coral accents in the Aubusson rug pull together orange and coral walls and upholstery in a grand French salon. Image courtesy Interior Archive.

Elegant French salons exude an air of luxury and elegance through the use of beautiful French furniture, tasteful fabrics, rich colors, art with gilded frames and crystal chandeliers. Orange rugs share a kinship with the golds in the mirror and picture frames and in the furniture.  The rug contains paler shades of the coral, orange and gold on a cream background. The paler colors in the rug give the room a more open and airy feeling. At the same time the colors in the rug echo the darker shades of the same colors found in the fabrics and walls. The white plaster ceiling adds contrast to the darker colors in the room and makes the room feel light filled and airy.

Orange rugs, orange rugs for sale, orange Aubusson rugs, Coral Aubusson rugs

An pale orange Aubusson rug anchors elegant French furniture, tapestry, screen and sculptures in a romantic French salon.

Orange rugs with pale shades of coral as in this Aubusson rug feel romantic and cozy and evoke that hard to replicate French style that is rarely seen outside of France. The warm orange and coral tones are carried throughout the room while blue accessories and furniture create pop and move the eye all across the space.

Orange rugs and French design seem to go hand-in-hand. No matter the particular style of French design you prefer, orange rugs make it easy to create the right mood. From French Country to French Opulence, orange rugs have been fashionable in French salons since the time of Coco Chanel.

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