Oushak Rugs Add Cozy Warmth and Chic Style to 4 Interiors

With a staggering 48 inches of snow already on the ground in South Dakota in the very first week of October, it’s no wonder we are all looking for ideas for bringing a cozy feeling to our homes. Oushak rugs can be a superb solution. Their warm colors, luxurious textures and handmade patterns bring a welcoming warmth and chic style to a room. Today we’ll look at five cozy spaces where designers have used Oushak rugs to bring an inviting warmth and a chic style to interiors.

Cream Oushak Rug Adds Softness and Luxury to Fireplace Seating Area

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Pamela Shamshiri of Commune put this updated LA Living room together, pairing contemporary Ralph Lauren Home drapery with a period mirror surrounding a Neoclassical fireplace and a pale cream Oushak, giving an air of Hollywood’s golden age to this bright, open space. The Oushak rug adds a soft texture and a contemporary look because the pattern is so soft, it is barely there. The Oushak rug provides a classical foundation for this sympathetic refurbishment of a 1940 interior designed by Hollywood design icon William Haines. The warm accents colors in the Oushak rug bring out the warm golds in the hand-carved woodwork and enhance the glow from the fireplace. Photo by Nikolas Koening for Architectural Digest.

Coral Oushak Rug Add Style to Cozy Family Room

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The character of the beams paired with natural stone walls, slightly sloping ceiling and corner-set fireplace make guests to this sitting room in the Montecito home of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia Di Rossi feel an instant warm welcome. Using an Oushak rug in such a space gives the flood of natural light somewhere to rest, works well to echo the natural tones of the wood and stone interior elements and provides a “cozy” feel even if the fire isn’t already blazing away. This orange and coral Oushak rug was the choice of design legend John Saladino, who designed the 10,522-square-foot villa, commenting that, “It’s the summation of all my knowledge; it’s my opus.”

Oushak Rug Brings Sunshine into Neoclassical Living Room

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The San Francisco bay is the breathtaking backdrop for this Pacific Heights living room. Featuring a bounty of neoclassical queues, the foundation designer Suzanne Tucker chose for the space is a 19th-century Oushak rug in tones of cream, russet, gold and coral – it brings depth to the room’s palette, warmth to the airy space and, in Tucker’s own words, bounces all that natural light around in a way that just “makes everyone look beautiful.” Using an Oushak rug in a large space such as this allows you to carve out smaller conversation areas, highlight spectacular details like the Louis XV mantel, and inject a truly timeless feel to any space. Photo by Pieter Estersohn for Architectural Digest.

Oushak Rug Brings Chic Style to Rustic Fireplace Seating Area

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In this room, Lane-McCook & Associates have drawn upon all the wonderful qualities of Oushak rugs to create one amazing space. The subtle pattern and warm colors of the rug provides a boost to the energy of the space while the gold, beige and browns accent colors in the rug pull all the wood, iron and fabric colors together for a crisp, unified presence. The supple texture of the Oushak rug brings a clear division between the conversational area focused on the fireplace and the other seating vignettes resting on the surrounding hardwood floor. Photo by Mary E. Nichols for Architectural Digest.

Whether you live in the city or by the sea, or are nestled on a mountain in Colorado or New England, Oushak rugs with their lustrous wools, handmade craftsmanship and luscious colors will bring a splendid style and a cozy warmth to your home.

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