Oushak Rugs Add Flair to Atlanta Decorator Showhouse

Design legend Albert Hadley once said, “Flair—a primitive kind of style—may be innate, but I think knowledgeable taste is learned, the result of travel, experience, living, education.” This knowledgeable taste is visible annually at the Atlanta Symphony Associates Decorator’s Show House. Every year, top designers are invited to put there flair, experience and education on display in the Show House.

Oushak rugs played a central role in the most recent Atlanta Show House. Follow the path set by the Show House’s designers that is a result of their knowledgeable taste—acquired through travel, experience, living and education.

Grey Oushak Rug Adds a Contemporary Vibe to Living Room

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A grey and beige Oushak rug with a cream pattern lends a chic style to designer Cindy Davis’s room in the 2010 Show House. Photo by Erica George Dines for Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine.

The Oushak rug sets the neutral color scheme of the room—its grey, beige and cream palette is replicated throughout the space, creating unity. The rug’s rounded motifs are echoed in the pillows and the delicate curve of the couch. If you like this sophisticated yet chic look, try an Oushak rug in a gray and white color scheme. Then utilize tints and shades of those hues and mix in neutral warm colors—like the creamy beige in the pillows—to balance the cool greys.

Oushak Rug Adds Warmth and Luxury to Traditional Room

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An Oushak rug add warmth and a feeling of luxury to a light filled traditional room by designer Maria McLaurin Nutt for the 2012 ASAD’s Show House. Image courtesy Atlanta Homes Magazine.

Nutt chose a beige and cream Oushak rug with a subtle design and then created contrast by placing it on a polished dark wood floor and painting the walls and ceiling white. The rug offers balance to the whole room: it provides a soft and luxurious texture which contrasts with the polished dark wood floor. The subtle pattern of the rug resonates with the pattern on chair fabric. In your own space, use a neutral Oushak rug to create a feeling of luxury and comfort and create contrast with dark wood floor and white walls and ceiling. This will give the room a clean and well lit look and warm and inviting feeling. You can create interest by picking upholstery fabrics that subtly echo the pattern of the Oushak rug.

Oushak Rug Adds Flair to a Traditional Room with Chinoiserie Panels

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Decorator Patricia McLean chose a beige and cream Oushak rug to pull together traditional furniture in a variety of shapes and style as well as two Chinoiserie wall panels. Image courtesy Atlanta Homes Magazine.

Oushak rugs can pull together a room that utilizes an array of different styles, such as in the Show House room done by Patricia McLean Interiors. The luxurious Oushak rug offers a connection to every piece of furniture, every color and every element in the room. The cream color of the rug contrasts with the tan and dark wood tones in the sofa and resonate with the  cream velvet on the ottoman. The rug’s abstract motifs contrast with the intricately drawn Chinoiserie panels flanking the window. The blue drapes create a subtle pop of color and also connect with blue accents in the Chinoiserie panels.

Essentially, the Oushak rug pulls the different styles in the room into a cohesive grouping. If you love this look, then find an Oushak rug you absolutely adore, and select furniture, fabrics and accessories in such a way that some of them are similar colors to the rug and some create contrast. Create a mix of different shapes and even different styles and periods as this will create a chic look and an engaging energy.

Oushak rugs have ancient motifs and modern colors so they are able to connect with both modern and traditional furniture and art. Educate your natural flair by studying rooms designed by great interior designers and visiting Show Houses such as the Atlanta Symphony Associates Decorator’s Show House. Oushak rugs are being  chosen by interior designers for show houses all over the country so you can be sure that these rugs will be in style for years to come.

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