Oushak Rugs Add Glamor to Dining Rooms: 6 Chic Rooms

Because we host gatherings, conduct business, and nourish ourselves in the dining room, it’s no surprise that these are among the most common rooms for renovation. As the heart of the home, it only makes sense that we want this area to reflect who we are as people, particularly when it comes to our values and lifestyle. Choosing signature pieces for such a room can be difficult, but ever-stylish, high-quality Oushak rugs are an excellent option when you want the interiors in the home to make a statement.

Design a Sleek Dining Room with Gray Oushak Rug

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When Linda McDougald of Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home worked on the renovation of her Charleston home, the dining room she designed was bound to be amazing. The dining room, shown here, carries the house-wide theme of linen, white and gray along with deep-stained oak floors, antique lighting and a rich collection of artifacts, both modern and antique. The traditional dining chairs and slab-surface table sit proudly upon an Oushak rug in tones of silver and gray. Image courtesy Linda McDougald Designs.

Add Glamor and Warmth with Gold Oushak Rug

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The dinette in this Brookline, MA apartment showcased in New England Home magazine features sleek lines and subtle tones – but with a little more oomph from the contrast of the dark finish of the unique chairs with the warm tones of the Oushak rug. This dining area, in Dalia Tamari’s home, opens onto a deck with views of the Boston skyline. Her plan for the space is ideal, allowing for intimate dinners or larger relaxed gatherings with friends and relatives.

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In this Corona del Mar home featured in House Beautiful; Barbara Barry used an Oushak rug to accentuate the refined detail of this dining room. Here, the rug is used to draw out the timeless feel of vintage-inspired furnishings paired with a modern chandelier – allowing the owner’s personality to shine through the space. The gold tones in the Oushak rug add warmth and balance the cool blue of the dining chairs. Image courtesy House Beautiful.

Add Vibrant Energy with Red Accents

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Hand-painted wallpaper by de Gournay, a vintage Charles Paris chandelier, Karl Springer table and Grosfeld House chairs come together in a subtle symphony of style in this London townhouse designed by Rafael de Cárdenas. The stunning copper-leaf cabinet is by Pedro Sousa for Decoratum and serves as a wonderful headpiece for the room that will develop vast personality over the years. Similarly, de Cárdenas’ choice of Oushak rugs for this environment is a no brainer. The vibrant red accents on the walls create energy without becoming overpowering because the subtleties of the Oushak rug serve as an impeccable anchor for the collection. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

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The vibrant gold Oushak rug at the base of this welcoming interior by Jay Jeffers is a grand example of how flexible the atmosphere created by Oushak rugs is. Here we see a modern look in an otherwise traditional space. As the photo by Matthew Millman shows, the warmth of the Oushak rug here compliments the neutral plaster walls and works to augment the rich fabrics and vibrant artwork the home owners wanted to showcase. The pink chair and red artwork create energy.

Oushak Rugs Add Glamor to Dining Rooms

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Lynn Bay Dayton’s remodeled dining area in Boston is anchored on a softly colored Oushak rug with coral and red accents. Interior design by Michael Carter.

There are those who think Oushak rugs are too precious to be used in an area like a dining room, where spills are inevitable. To those people I would argue that the high-quality materials Oushak rugs are constructed from, paired with the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, make Oushak rugs a better option for dining areas than many other floor coverings. The finest wools and high-quality natural dyes are generally more damage resistant than their chemically treated counterparts, and the natural oils retained during the manufacture of Oushak rugs serve as a built-in stain barrier.

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