Oushak Rugs Add Modern Vibe to 3 Traditional Interiors

When designing a new room, most people want to focus on the furniture and fabrics first. They typically start their search with sofas, lamps and coffee tables. However if these objects are placed without a rug, the room can look unfinished and even busy. The function of Oushak rugs is to pull all the many elements in a room into a unified and pleasing composition. A well chosen Oushak rug will add subtle colors and a luxurious texture that makes the room look more beautiful and feel comfortable and inviting. A well chosen Oushak rug will also help draw the eye to the furniture, accessories, art and architectural details of the room. The soft tones and luxurious texture of Oushak rugs bring tranquility to the home and make the mind feel relaxed.

Create a Relaxing Environment with Oushak Rug and Blue Accents

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A cream and beige Oushak rug and blue drapes and stools create a peaceful atmosphere in this living room. The dark wood tones add warmth. Interior design by Annelle Barnett.

This living room, designed by Annelle Barnett, has a modern vibe and at the same time it has the comfort of traditional furniture. White walls and ceilings create a light and airy feeling and also bring out the beauty of the gold decorative objects on the walls. The vintage cabinet fades into the background as you are drawn to the peaceful white sofa and chair. Blue stools and a glass table give the room a modern vibe and encourage conversation by providing additional seating that can be easily moved.

The comfortable living room is complimented by two features. The light blue drapes that encourage sunlight to flow inside, bringing in positive energy, and the Oushak rug, which makes the room look warm and inviting. Without the beige and blue Oushak rug the dark wood floor would make the room look unbalanced and would not feel as calming.

Give a Modern Vibe to Traditional Room

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An Oushak rug in soft tonal colors can help give a clean modern look to a traditional room. Interior design by MJ Howes.

Charles Eames once said that “The details are not the details. They make the design.” This is especially true of this luxurious room designed by MJ Howes. Featuring a collection of taupe, grey and gold traditional furniture, this room would look busy if it were not for the soothing influence of the tone on tone grey and beige Oushak rug. With the Oushak rug as a foundation, everything from the subtle blue paintings above the cabinet to the intriguing placement of the grey end table is pleasing to the eye.

Without the Oushak rug the room would have looked busy and cluttered. There is “a lot going on” in this room, and the taupe, grey and cream Oushak rug helps bring out the beauty of the furniture. The neutral colors of the rug helps the eye focus on the many features of this room, such as the handsome fireplace.

Add Warmth to Dining Room with Gold Oushak Rug

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A gold Oushak rug adds warmth and brings out the rich purple and blue of the painting and the warm wood tones of the dining chairs and table. Interior design by Haynes-Roberts, Inc.

Fashionable rooms that feature bright colors and warm wood tones will benefit from an Oushak rug in gold colors as the rug will bring out the beauty of the colors in the room. With wood furniture and wood floors being highly prized in modern design, Oushak rugs help bring interest and style to a room that would otherwise look too plain.

This room, designed by Haynes-Roberts, Inc., builds upon the neutral look of the wooden floor and lightly colored walls by adding rich dark-wood furniture that matches the large door and built in cabinet. Splashes of color in the blue and purple vases and in the painting add interest and break up the large amounts of brown colors. The gold background color of the Oushak rug brings out the beauty of the blue and purple accents and also creates a contrast with the brown wood of the dining table and chairs and allow them to be enjoyed.

The three interiors above show they many ways Oushak rugs can help bring out the beauty of a room and make it a more inviting and comfortable place for you and your guests.

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