Oushak Rugs Add Style and Warmth to 3 Traditional Spaces

Oushak rugs have become very popular with interior designers because their soft colors and antique patterns give them the ability to completely transform the look of a room. In today’s blog post we will see how designers use Oushak rugs to pull together all the fabrics and furniture into a unified whole, add a luxurious texture and define cozy seating areas in a large open plan living room. The three interiors in today’s post are traditional, but this does not mean that Oushak rugs work only in traditional interiors. Future blog posts will show how Oushak rugs are used to enhance contemporary interiors.

Bring in the Light with a Pale Oushak Rug

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This traditional living room has the great advantage of large French windows that lead into a flourishing garden. An Oushak rug with cream blue and red provides the color palette for the fabrics. Yellow walls add sunny warmth. Interior design by Michael S. Smith.

This living room designed by White House designer Michael S. Smith is gorgeous example of how to properly take advantage of a garden view. Blue and cream plaid and cream and red chintz fabrics add a cheerful note against the sunny yellow walls. The Oushak rug anchors all the fabrics and wall colors into a warm and stylish composition. The dark wood tones in the antique fruniture add warmth and interesting shapes and textures. Gilded picture frames introduce dimensional patterns and textures that look beautiful against the yellow walls. A red leather armchair subtly picks up the red tones in the drapery fabric and the red accents in the Oushak rug. The white ceiling has a subtle Tudor pattern that reinforces the stately atmosphere of this classic living room.

Add Flair to Neutral Tones with Oushak Rugs

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Adorned in whites, creams, and tans and anchored by a pale cream Oushak rug, this chic sitting room was designed by Patricia McLean for the Atlanta Decorator Showhouse. Image courtesy Atlanta Homes Magazine.

This bright room is done in neutral tones of cream, beige and tan and calming blue drapes add a subtle pop and the blue connects with the blue accent colors in the Chinoiserie panels. Pale blue and white pillows bring the blue forward into the room. The pale cream Oushak rug has a subtle pattern in pale beige which gently anchors all the neutral colors in the room and also adds a luxurious texture. The pale rug on a pale floor reflect light and accentuate the airy, well lit look of this room. McLean engages us with the mix of different textures and materials such as the bamboo framing around the Chinoiserie panels, the carved wood of the arm chairs, the gilded crossed legs of the stool, several fabric textures, plush rug and stone floor.

Add Warmth to Seating Areas in Open Plan Living Area with Oushak Rug

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A gold and beige Oushak adds warmth and soft texture to a large open plan living room designed by Lane-McCook & Associates. The warm colors in the rug help bring out the beauty of the splendid countryside view. Photo by Mary E. Nichols for Architectural Digest.

This cozy living room featured in Architectural Digest has the warm golden colors of the countryside in fall. These golden colors create a warm ambiance in the room and also amplify the beauty of the countryside from the doors and windows. The soft textured golden Oushak rug guides guests to the cozy seating area by the fireplace. The beige, gold and brown colors of the upholstery are similar to the colors found in the Oushak rug and this creates a continuity of sunny colors that feels warm and inviting. The brown wood tones in the door frames, ceiling beams and furniture add contrasting color and texture. Even though this room has a predominance of warm colors, it does not feel unbalanced because of the cool greens in the countryside view which are continued in the painting and the green plants on the coffee table.

The interiors in today’s post show just three of the many ways Oushak rugs can transform an interior- unify antique furniture and colorful fabrics so the garden view can be enjoyed from a stately living room; create a well lit and airy living room with Chinoiserie panels and define a cozy fireplace seating area in an open plan living room. You can use Oushak rugs in the way that works the best for your life style. The best way is to start with an Oushak rug that you fall in love with then let it guide you in selecting fabrics, wall colors and furniture.

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