Oushak Rugs Bring Chic and Calming Look to Living Rooms

I’ve already made it clear about my penchant for Oushak rugs. Oushak rugs are the dreamiest rugs around, and the best of the new Oushak rugs capture the faded glory of antique Oushak rugs. Oushak rugs can instantly give a room a lush and heavenly lived-in look that isn’t at all overbearing. They’re perfect for any room in the house, including bedrooms, libraries, living rooms and dining rooms.

Oushak rugs are frequently used in rooms with soft and muted tones, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t work in rooms that utilize more vibrant colors. Oushak rugs can be used to balance out rooms filled with variant tones and hues, providing an idyllic and peaceful place for the eye to rest.

Oushak Rugs Light Up a Show House

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Architect and interior designer David Rockwell’s chose a cream and coral Oushak rug for the 2012 Designer Visions Apartment Show House. Image courtesy David Rockwell.

David Rockwell has designed some of the most important restaurants and hotels in the world, including Nobu, W Hotel New York, Union Square, and Adour, Alain Ducasse at the St. Regis. Rockwell has done set design for some of the most memorable films, from the lush settings in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels to the quirky locales in Hairspray, not to mention the sets for several Academy Awards shows. The famous Imagination Playground, the Kodak Theater – a shorter list would probably include the things that David Rockwell hasn’t done. His mother, a vaudeville dancer and choreographer, exposed him to the arts at an early age, and that exposure is evident in everything he does. “Create the things you wish existed” could very well be Rockwell’s motto.

This apartment was his installation at the 2012 Designer Visions apartment. True to form, he took a moment to create a back story for the imaginary tenants he was designing the space for before he began work. He created an imaginary couple, he an American media director and she a Dutch up-and-coming clothing designer. They have a casual lifestyle. Rockwell’s first selection was the authentic antique Oushak rug. He figured this couple would have chosen a rug that had historical authenticity but that still felt fresh and modern. The décor he chose is further proof that Oushak rugs can be an amazing touch in colorful spaces.

Richly colored Oushak rugs like the orange and cream one he used here add brilliant color in a way that still manages to be subdued. After choosing the rug, Rockwell chose the other layers in the room. His belief is that, like a story, a room should have many layers. He went from the patterned Oushak rug to the neutral upholstery to the patterned accessories. His thought process was, “Pattern to no pattern to pattern,” etc. The Baker’s Paris love seat was covered in a fabric that took its cue from the colors in the rug. The bright orange painting on the wall by Robert Greene pays homage to the orange in the rug, while the Wyeth coffee table, spindly, light and covered by glass, allows the rug to shine through.

Oushak Rugs in an Atlanta Remodel

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A pale Oushak rug pulls together all the colors and furniture styles in the living room of an Atlanta remodel designed by Tammy Connor and constructed by architect Norman Askins. Image courtesy Tammy Conner.

This Atlanta remodel was all about mixing and matching colors and textures, and interior designer Tammy Connor was the mix mistress in charge. Rather than creating a predictable layout, Connor used the Oushak rug to create a balancing force for all of the other elements in the room. Connor made sure that the colors she used, while varied, were not overwhelming or bold. She made sure the rooms were colorful but not “loud.” The rooms are visually interesting and yet they feel calming, which is exactly how the clients wanted it. 

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