Oushak Rugs Bring Chic Style to 5 Different Rooms of a House

When designing a home, it’s very important to consider each and every space and the particular way the room will be used and what mood you are trying to create in it. Oushak rugs can help you establish the right tone for each room and make it inviting, usable, chic and stylish all at the same time. By using Oushak rugs throughout the house you can create a coherent feeling and harmony throughout the home. Because Oushak rugs come in so many different colors and styles, you can create very different looks in each room. If you already have some ideas about the moods you would like to develop in each space, you can look for an Oushak rug that speaks to that theme and then let the rug inspire the design of the space. Today we will explore how 5 interior designers use Oushak rugs to create the different moods in a foyer, living room, dining room, media/game room and bedroom. Each room has a distinct personality and the designer found just the right Oushak rug to help them create the look and feel the client desired for the room.

Oushak Rugs Create Impressive Foyer

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AD100 interior designer Tony Ingrao believes in creating calm entrances as with this gold Oushak so visitors will be pleasantly surprised when the enter a more dramatic living room, “People have a greedy eye, they want to see more and more. You set up a vista and then give them something else, says Ingrao. Image courtesy Ingrao Inc.

You never get a second chance at making a first impression with guests. An elegant, yet subtle Oushak rug can capture the interest of visitors while also highlighting the other features of a home’s entryway. Here, we see a warm, softly colored gold Oushak rug that welcomes guests and serves as an appetizer for viewing the rooms that lie beyond the entrance. The placement of the rug on a dark hardwood floor brings attention to the beautiful lighting fixture above. The window treatment has been kept light so that the architecture of the room and the windows can be admired.

2. Oushak Rugs Bring Colorful Drama to Living Rooms

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A cream and soft blue Oushak rug can provide the inspiration for selecting colorful fabrics and even the colors of the blue ceiling beams, as in this lively and elegant living room designed by Miles Redd. Image courtesy Miles Redd.

Whether your style is traditional or modern, an Oushak rug can be utilized to add lively color and elegant style to a living room, while at the same time pulling the whole room into a harmonious composition. In this gorgeous living room, the blue, cream and pale grey colors of the Oushak rug inspired the blue fabrics, blue trim on the walls, the blue ceiling beams and the grey walls. The particular pattern of the rug also enhances the fretwork pattern on the back of the wooden side chair. Coral and red accessories create pop against the blue and grey fabrics and walls. Finally, the smooth texture of the rug brings out the beauty of the skirt of the sofa.

3. Oushak Rugs Make Dining Rooms Chic and Inviting

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A gold Oushak rug unifies traditional and modern looks and brings out the beauty of the pops of pink in this modern dining room. Interior design by Jay Jeffers.

A home’s dining room should be warm and inviting, so as to make guests feel comfortable, and willing to linger around the table to enjoy conversing with one another. The gold Oushak rug creates a warm glow in the room and creates harmony with the rustic wood beams which give the room a welcoming atmosphere. The gold rug brings out the beauty of the many shades of the pink in the chairs, art and flowers which gives the room a young vibe.

The great thing about Oushak rugs is that do not just create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, they can also bring a chic, modern look as in the dining room above. This is because Oushak rugs are great at unifying modern and traditional styles which according to AD100 designer Miles Redd is the “essence of chic.”

4. Oushak Rugs Make Game Room Look Sophisticated

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A gold Oushak rug brings warmth and chic style to a media/game room with black walls, grey pool table and sofa with red cushions. The room was designed by Estee Stanley in the Beverly Hills home of Hedi Gores. Image courtesy Luxe Magazine.

This stunning space demonstrates how an Oushak rug can add warmth and elegance to masculine spaces. Los Angeles celebrity designer Estee Stanley created dramatic contrast by painting the walls black and creating a contrast between the hard grey metal of the pool table and the soft, luxurious texture of the Oushak rug. The gold and cream colors of the Oushak rugs give the room a brighter and warmer feeling. Here again we see that creating unexpected contrasts bring energy and chic looks to a room.

5. Oushak Rugs Bring Romance to Bedrooms

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A gold Oushak rug with red and coral accent colors adds warmth and elegance to a bedroom designed by Emery & Associates. Image courtesy Emery & Associates.

The bedroom should be a sanctuary for intimacy and relaxation, and this beautiful Oushak rug creates a truly warm, peaceful, and romantic atmosphere in this master bedroom. The rich texture of the rug creates a soft area around the bed while enhancing the pattern of the comforter and the style of the headboard.

In order for you to feel entirely comfortable and happy within the walls of your home, it’s important to set the right mood and make each room feel inviting and functional. At the same time all the rooms in a house should enhance each other and have a coherence. Oushak rugs come in many colors, patterns and styles and you find just the right rug to create the look you desire for each room. Designers often start with the rug that speaks to the mood they wish to create in each room.Often the rug can inspire you in choosing fabrics and wall colors. It is helpful to take your time and wait for ideas to come to you. If you hold to your vision you will surely achieve the atmosphere you desire.

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