Oushak Rugs Enrich 4 Stunning Interiors

Oushak rugs combine subtle, modern colors with centuries old patterns that originated in Oushak, Turkey in the 17th century. The best Oushak rugs have luscious colors and lustrous wool that will grow in beauty with use. When selecting Oushak rugs look for rugs with luxurious pile and avoid those that have very a low pile which is the result of excessive chemical treatments and distressing. You can choose rugs that have soft shades of cream, blues and golds or you can find rugs with vibrant coral and red tones. Oushak rugs will enhance both modern and traditional interiors as they themselves are a combination of modern colors and antique patterns. Here are 4 interiors in different styles that show the many looks you can create with Oushak rugs.

Add a Luxurious Texture to Romantic Contemporary Interior with Oushak Rug

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This funky and eclectic living space, designed by Bunny Williams, is a refreshing combination of the unexpected: leopard print meets seashells, carved sofa legs with folding card tables.  The Oushak rug in a terracotta shade provides a classic foundation for this space and provides an earthy color palette.  The tan lounger picks up the warm tones of the rug, the small white accessories contrast nicely and “pop” against the tan, gold, and brown colors.  The Oushak rug serves as a centerpiece from which the other elements of the room build on, which allows the mixture of sheens, patterns, and colors to harmonize with each other. Interior design and image courtesy Bunny Williams.

Add Modern Vibe to Traditional Room with Oushak Rug

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Thomas O’Brien, the embodiment of functional American Modern design, uses an Oushak rug in this tasteful and welcoming interior.  Using the foundations of structure and scale, O’Brien uses an Oushak rug with a cream background and subtle grey (almost purple) medallions woven evenly throughout.  The balance of the design gives a sense of proportion to the rest of the space.  The walls and furniture stay within the cream palette in almost imperceptible degrees, adding dimension to the monochromatic style.  A slate stone on the fireplace echoes the grey pattern of the rug, and a plush pillow in a purple grey picks up the same shade.  Soft yellow and mint green accents compliment the cool color palette.   Photo by Laura Resen for American Modern.

Add Subtle Pattern to Traditional Dining Room

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This opulent dining room by Richard Keith Langham features a cream Oushak rug with a muted floral design in a soft green color.  High ceilings with a crystal chandelier enforce the traditional theme, but mismatched chairs give the dining room an informal, almost Parisian feel.  The elegantly draped moss green curtains with brown fringe add glamor to the space.  A mural of a river with a steamboat adds an old world touch.  Burgundy cushions and red apples on the table provide a subtle compliment to the green of the rug and drapes.  The result is a charming room filled with traditional flair and understated luxury. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

Bring Elegance to Rustic Château Style with Oushak Rug

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A gold and cream Oushak rug anchors this rustic and comfortable living space.  Carved chairs and a dark stone hearth with wooden mantle bring out the old world feel.  Exposed wooden beams in a dark stain give the space structure.  Dark wood floors against the cream Oushak rug make sitting area pop.  A round, iron lighting fixture above the room adds a masculine touch. Interior design by Brenda Gold Levy. Image courtesy Traditional Home.

Oushak rugs offer a crafted, elegant touch to many styles of architecture.  By using Oushak rugs to enforce scale, structure, and charm, decorating with these rugs can make any room stand out.  Their high quality weave and solid construction make them a showpiece you’ll be proud to display for years to come.

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