Oushak Rugs Enrich 4 Stunning Interiors

The hallmark of a good rug is that makes the room look more attractive as a whole without drawing attention to the rug. The right rug will pull together all the different objects in the room so they become part of a unified look.  Such is the case when the Oushak rugs. Whether you tastes runs to the traditional or to the contemporary, there is an Oushak rug that will enhance your desired decorating style. This is because Oushak rugs are themselves a combination of the  ancient and the modern- their patterns go back centuries but their colors look modern. This combination of the traditional and the modern means that Oushak rugs can pull together objects of many different styles and give the room a unified look. More than any other type of rug Oushak rugs can bring a touch of luxury without making the room look ostentatious. Their subtlety and simplicity remind us of Coco Chanel’s advice, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

Design a Cozy and Relaxing Fireplace Seating Area with Oushak Rug

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The soft neutral tones of this gray Oushak draw on the colors of the stone fireplace and the chaise fabric, while the darker tones in the rug resonate with the stone floor. With stunning floral and ivy design in understated colors, the rug creates a cozy fireplace seating area that is just right for the holidays. Photo courtesy Providence Design.

Add Refined Elegance to Traditional Spaces with Oushak Rug

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In this warm, lemon colored scheme, the cream Oushak rug sets a calm note that does not compete with the pops of color in the needlepoint upholstered chair and framed needlepoint art. The soft and subtle pattern of the Oushak rug connects with the needlepoint pattern on the chair because both are antiques. But the pattern of the Oushak rug also creates a contrast with floral patterns of the needlepoint. The colors of the rug bring out the beauty of the dining chairs. The striped chair fabric creates contrast. Photos by Tim Clinch, courtesy of Quintessence Lifestyle Blog.

Enrich Interiors with Sense of History with Oushak Rug

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An eclectic room can be well grounded by using the classic beauty of an Oushak rug. The intricate pattern and apricot colors of the rug pair wonderfully with the mix styles in the textiles and objects, letting the modern and quirky elements stand out but ensuring that the entire room comes together in a way that shows a sense of lasting, iconic aesthetics. Interior design and image courtesy Bunny Williams.

Add Rich Color and Texture to Modern Interiors with Oushak Rug

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Even when Oushak rugs are multi-colored and feature pops of warm, vibrant colors, the elegance of the traditional design sets a perfect backdrop for a contemporary interior. In the room above, the organic shapes and patterns in the lamps, pillows and other objects work well with the floral elements of the Oushak. Notice how the light-colored wood furniture appears vibrant against the creamy backdrop of the rug, while the red notes pull in the pillows and flowers to create a lively, vibrant atmosphere. Photo courtesy of Design Crisis.

The four interiors in today’s post show how Oushak rugs can enrich both traditional and contemporary rooms. The key is to find an Oushak rug that you fall in love with and then let it guide you in developing a color palette for the room. You do not have to worry whether the Oushak rug will work with your preferred decorating style. As you can see from the above examples Oushak rugs work equally well with both traditional and contemporary decor.

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