Oushak Rugs Enrich 7 Chic and Airy Interiors

When interior designers are looking for ideas to create chic, airy and light filled rooms they often turn to Oushak rugs. These rugs have soft, tonal colors and subtle patterns which are great for bring a rich texture to contemporary interiors and a modern vibe to traditional rooms. The seven rooms in todays post show how top decorators use Oushak rugs to create a look that is rich, stylish, light-filled and airy.

Use Soft Color to Lighten Up a Dramatic Room

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This gorgeous room by Susan Massey of Bohlert Massey Interiors uses a light but richly textured Oushak rug to provide a sturdy visual anchor point beneath a dramatic, unusual flower-patterned wood beam ceiling. Photo courtesy of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles.

The Oushak rug’s pale colors contrast with the dark wood tones in the room. The rug contains pale coral, beige and green. Light green fabrics on the sofa and slipper chair resonate with the green accents in the rug as does the brownish-green of the massive distressed armoire. A scenic painting above the large cream-colored fireplace adds color to the room while white walls and white upholstered chairs and ottoman reflect light and make the room feel airy.

Add Texture and Charm to a Bright Bedroom

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This richly textured room by J. Hirsch Interior Design combines multiple patterns in the bedding and accent pillows with a soft, creamy Oushak rug. The textures complement a massive upholstered headboard with a gold gilded frame, adding interest to a room dominated by shades of cream and beige. Blue pillows and green drapes add color and interest .Photo courtesy of Houzz.

Blend and Soften Dark Wood Tones

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Interior design by Brenda Gold Levy. Image courtesy Traditional Home.

This charming cottage living room in the home of John and Karen Morse uses an Oushak rug with shades of brown to blend the heavy wood ceiling trusses with the creams used elsewhere in the room to balance the ultra-dramatic look. A massive iron chandelier and salvaged leaded-glass windows give the room a medieval feel, along with a stately fireplace and dark wood furniture.

Add Interest to an Airy White Room

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This sunny bedroom designed by Michael S. Smith uses a delicately patterned Oushak rug to blend ornate wood furniture and fixtures with an elaborate four-poster bed draped in white. Richly patterned bedside tables resonate with the intricate design of the rug. Photo courtesy of Elle Decor.

Add Interesting Texture to a Simply, Sunny Space

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This beautiful living room designed by Carolyn Carroll uses a cream and gray Oushak rug to add interest in a simply styled room. Shiny white tile adorns the floors, and white French doors and a white fireplace are cheerful against creamy, pale beige walls. Petite beige armchairs and a white upholstered settee define a charming conversation area, and white flowers complete the look. Photo courtesy of At Home in Arkansas.

Complement a Zesty, Colorful Palette

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This stunning dining room combines soft creams with oranges and corals to create a look that is vibrant and dynamic. An ornate vintage dining table and chairs in a distressed white finish lend a classic feeling to the room, which is finished with contemporary striped upholstery and orange silk drapes with an Indian feel. Photo courtesy of Cote de Texas Blog.

Enhance Features in a Stately, Contemporary Room

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This contemporary master bedroom by designer Mariette Himes Gomez combines rich wood tones and simple white walls with a dramatic rounded vaulted ceiling. The overall effect is simple yet unbelievably rich. A cream and beige Oushak rug enhances the tone of the marble fireplace, adding texture and interest. Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest.

If you are looking for a way to bring a chic, light filled and airy look to a room, Oushak rugs can make it easy to create it. The seven interiors in todays post show many ways an Oushak rug can help you design a room that has drama, elegance and a soft and subtle charm.

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